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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 28, what does Annik call Lena?
(a) A master.
(b) A child.
(c) A newbie.
(d) An artist.

2. In Chapter 27, what does Christina ask Tibby?
(a) To be her babysitter.
(b) To be the baby's godmother.
(c) To give her a ride home.
(d) To name the baby.

3. In Chapter 22, why is Carmen's mother worried about her water breaking?
(a) Her due date isn't for another month.
(b) Her sister wants to be in town for the birth.
(c) She would ruin her clothes.
(d) She is afraid of labor.

4. Why does Carmen think David's cell phone is dead in Chapter 22?
(a) He didn't get to use her charger.
(b) His battery is old.
(c) His phone cut off during their call.
(d) He never remembers to charge his phone.

5. In Chapter 24, where do Carmen and Win find David?
(a) At a used car lot.
(b) At his mother's house.
(c) At a meeting.
(d) At a mall.

6. What is the first thing the girls do when they get to the beach house?
(a) Start a bonfire.
(b) Go into the ocean.
(c) Unpack.
(d) Make dinner.

7. What gift does Carmen give at the beach house?
(a) Books.
(b) Pictures.
(c) Hair clips.
(d) A letter.

8. Where does Tibby know Margaret from?
(a) From the theater.
(b) From the hospital.
(c) From Brian.
(d) From camp.

9. How does Tibby help Christina handle the pain?
(a) Tibby tells jokes to Christina.
(b) Tibby sings to Christina.
(c) Tibby gets a nurse to bring pain killers.
(d) Tibby offers her hand for Christina to squeeze.

10. Where does Eric take Bridget in Chapter 21?
(a) To the mall.
(b) To the doctor.
(c) To his cabin.
(d) To her house.

11. In Chapter 23, why is Tibby scolded in the hospital?
(a) For stealing gauze.
(b) For spilling coffee.
(c) For panicking in front of a pregnant woman.
(d) For using her cell phone.

12. In Chapter 17, what does Bridget think she wants most from Eric?
(a) For him to leave her alone.
(b) For him to love her.
(c) For him to trust her.
(d) For him to thank her.

13. What is Carmen's big announcement in Chapter 27?
(a) That she has a date with Win.
(b) That she found a new job.
(c) That she bought a car.
(d) That she got accepted to Harvard.

14. In Chapter 25, where does Tibby leave a note for Carmen?
(a) Next to Christina's bed.
(b) With Win.
(c) On the Traveling Pants.
(d) In Carmen's coat pocket.

15. In the Epilogue, how will the pants continue to travel?
(a) Through the mail.
(b) They will give them to their little sisters.
(c) At college.
(d) In spirit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Bridget decide to place Naughton in the final game?

2. What does Carmen realize when she introduces Win to David?

3. Who writes a note in Chapter 28 reminding everyone about the beach trip?

4. In Chapter 21, what does Tibby associate with Katherine's fall?

5. In Chapter 29, what do Bridget and Eric agree on?

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