Objects & Places from Girl, Woman, Other

Bernardine Evaristo
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Okodee Mmowere

This Adinkra symbol, representing Amma, appears on the title page for Chapter 1. It evokes an eagle's talons and signifies strength, bravery, and power.


This Adinkra symbol evokes a wooden comb and signifies beauty, cleanliness, and femininity. It is associated with Yazz in the novel.

Ese Ne Tekrema

This Adinkra symbol appears in relation to Dominique in Girl, Woman, Other. The symbol evokes teeth and a tongue and represents friendship and interdependence.


This Adinkra symbol, evoking a war horn, symbolizes wariness, vigilance, and willingness to take charge. The symbol is drawn in different ways, appearing as an illustration for both Carole's and Penelope's characters.


This Adinkra symbol appears as the illustration for Bummi's title page. The symbol evokes a crocodile and represents adaptability.

Kwatakye Atiko

This Adinkra symbol, appearing on LaTisha's title page, evokes the hairstyle of a warrior. It represents bravery and valor...

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