Girl with a Pearl Earring Character Descriptions

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This character starts as a sixteen-year-old girl who does domestic work and is from a very religious family.

Johannes Vermeer

This character is a famous seventeenth century painter with eleven children.

Catharina Vermeer

This character is constantly pregnant, clumsy, and jealous.


This character is a twenty-eight-year-old maid who has badly pockmarked skin from a childhood disease.

Maria Thins

This character is perceptive, cunning, and appears to be able to read minds.

Pieter the Butcher

This character works in Market Hall and openly flirts with girls, embarrassing them.

Pieter the Son

This character has bright blue eyes with blonde, curly hair and has strong feelings for the protagonist.

van Ruijven

This character is a wealthy patron who buys many paintings.

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