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Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Trisha and Pete in the novel. How are they alike, and how are they different? How does each one relate to their parents? How would the novel be different without Pete?

Essay Topic 2

Stephen King often uses foreshadowing to hint to the reader about events to come later. Describe three examples of foreshadowing in the novel and explain how each one is significant to the novel as a whole.

Essay Topic 3

What role does Trisha's Walkman play in the novel? What does it represent for her? Do you think it helps her survive?

Essay Topic 4

Explore the idea of the Subaudible. What is its purpose? Why is it significant that Larry believes in the Subaudible and Tom Gordon presumably believes in a more engaged God?

Essay Topic 5

Explore the role of Tom Gordon in the novel. What is his purpose? Why is his...

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