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Short Answer Questions

1. While David is in Europe, what does his father want from him?

2. Upon seeing Hella again, David pretends not to know what?

3. When David pictures Giovanni's in jail, what brings him to tears?

4. What does David attempt to avoid discussing with Hella?

5. Who keeps in touch with Giovanni's lawyer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does David contemplate suicide?

2. Where do Hella and David find a house together?

3. Why did David dislike it when Giovanni called him an American?

4. Why does Hella question David about his relationship with Giovanni?

5. What does Giovanni's room make David think of?

6. Who do Hella and David run into at a bookstore?

7. Why does Giovanni smash a cognac glass in Part Two: Chapter Three?

8. What does Giovanni say will happen to him, if he and David are separated and why?

9. What does David notice about the American men at American Express?

10. Who can David relate to in line at American Express and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As David lost his mother at an early age, his upbringing was less traditional than others. Describe David's family life as a child.

1) How does the loss of his mother affect him?

2) Who raises him?

3) What is his relationship with his father?

Essay Topic 2

David has a confusing relationship with Hella. Although he believes he feels love for her, he knows the relationship has no future. Analyze the various obstacles David and Hella would have to overcome in order to share an intimate, loving relationship.

Essay Topic 3

When Giovanni is sentenced to death, David is haunted by the notion. Write an essay examining the different ways David attempts to come to terms with Giovanni's sentence and why David metaphorically projects that sentence upon himself.

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