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Short Answer Questions

1. Right after sleeping with Giovanni, who tries to pick up on David?

2. Why does Giovanni think Guillaume fired him?

3. What does David think of Americans, in comparison to the French?

4. When pressed, David tells Hella what about his relationship with Giovanni?

5. Why does Hella decline the invitation to spend time with Jacques and Giovanni?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Giovanni say will happen to him, if he and David are separated and why?

2. Why does David complain about Giovanni's room?

3. Why does the newspaper sensationalize Guillaume's murder?

4. Who do Hella and David run into at a bookstore?

5. What does David notice about the American men at American Express?

6. What is Hella worried about, upon seeing David?

7. David suggests the garbage in the city goes to where?

8. Where do Hella and David find a house together?

9. Who can David relate to in line at American Express and why?

10. Why is the life in the south of France less than idyllic for David and Hella?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is a certain isolation that takes place when Giovanni and David begin seeing each other.

1) How do the two men interact with others after they become involved?

2) How does Giovanni's room contribute to this isolation?

3) How do the men feel about this isolation?

Essay Topic 2

As David lost his mother at an early age, his upbringing was less traditional than others. Describe David's family life as a child.

1) How does the loss of his mother affect him?

2) Who raises him?

3) What is his relationship with his father?

Essay Topic 3

In Giovanni's Room, dishonesty affects the lives of many people. Analyze how one of the following characters is affected by secrets.

1) Giovanni.

2) Hella.

3) David.

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