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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does David spend away from Giovanni when Hella first arrives?

2. What country does David suggest he and Giovanni move to?

3. What body part of Hella's intimidates David?

4. What does Giovanni warn David in regards to returning home?

5. In retrospect, why does David believe he moved in with Giovanni?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does David learn the details of Giovanni's case?

2. Why is the life in the south of France less than idyllic for David and Hella?

3. What does David notice about the American men at American Express?

4. Why is Giovanni home when David returns from his tryst with Sue?

5. Why does David take on the role of housewife while Giovanni is at the bar?

6. Why does the newspaper sensationalize Guillaume's murder?

7. When Hella arrives, what does David do to Giovanni?

8. Why does Hella question David about his relationship with Giovanni?

9. David suggests the garbage in the city goes to where?

10. Even though David promises to move to another country with Giovanni, he secretly believes he will still do what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Giovanni is an enigmatic character who meets an unfortunate end. Write a brief essay analyzing how Giovanni helped change David.

Essay Topic 2

Paris serves as a vibrant backdrop in the story. Write an essay describing the city of Paris and how it adds to the story.

Essay Topic 3

As David lost his mother at an early age, his upbringing was less traditional than others. Describe David's family life as a child.

1) How does the loss of his mother affect him?

2) Who raises him?

3) What is his relationship with his father?

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