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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Giovanni have a happy relationship with, prior to David?
(a) An Italian woman.
(b) A French woman.
(c) Jacques.
(d) A sailor.

2. What does Giovanni compare Guillaume's body to?
(a) Overripe tomato.
(b) Stale coffee.
(c) Sour milk.
(d) The local pig.

3. What begins to seem unclean to David?
(a) His body.
(b) His house.
(c) Hella's breath.
(d) Hella's undergarments.

4. When David returns from his affair with Sue, what is Giovanni drinking?
(a) Vodka.
(b) Cognac.
(c) Wine.
(d) Brandy.

5. What violent outburst comes from Giovanni, after he gets fired.
(a) He swears at the landlord.
(b) He breaks a glass.
(c) He punches David.
(d) He breaks a window.

6. David suspects that Giovanni is what?
(a) Poor.
(b) Lying about his heritage.
(c) Straight.
(d) Secretly tortured.

7. What bothers David about Giovanni's room?
(a) It is a mess.
(b) It is not decorated well.
(c) It does not get enough light.
(d) It is too precise.

8. What does David's father avoid asking David, regarding his personal relationships?
(a) If David is homosexual.
(b) If David is popular.
(c) If David has made any close friends.
(d) If he is seeing anyone.

9. What does Giovanni warn David in regards to returning home?
(a) His father will disown him.
(b) He will no longer speak to him.
(c) Home will no longer exist.
(d) Hella will follow him.

10. Why does Giovanni refuse to pick up mail with David?
(a) Giovanni sleeps during the day.
(b) He does not want to pay David's mail bill.
(c) There are too many Americans present.
(d) He does not like the long walk.

11. While David is in Europe, what concerns David's father about their relationship?
(a) David will not let him visit.
(b) David never mentions his mother.
(c) David does not write enough.
(d) David refuses to speak to him.

12. How long does David spend away from Giovanni when Hella first arrives?
(a) 2 days.
(b) 3 days.
(c) 1 week.
(d) 1 month.

13. After the murder, David admits to Hella that he felt what for Giovanni?
(a) Hatred.
(b) Love.
(c) Fear.
(d) Suspicion.

14. What country does David suggest he and Giovanni move to?
(a) Spain.
(b) France.
(c) The United States.
(d) Italy.

15. While David is in Europe, what does his father want from him?
(a) To visit his grandmother's grave.
(b) To speak to the Pope.
(c) To come home.
(d) To pick up some chocolates.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Guillaume call Giovanni when he fires him?

2. When David pictures Giovanni's in jail, what brings him to tears?

3. Why is the murder of Guillaume big news?

4. Who keeps in touch with Giovanni's lawyer?

5. How does Hella feel about Jacque?

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