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Author Bio

Create a written bio on James Baldwin, the author of Giovanni's Room.

Family Portrait

Pulling from descriptions found in the book, use any form of visual media to recreate a snapshot of one of the following scenes from David's childhood:

1. Ellen nagging his father as visitors are arriving.

2. David's father attempting to be his buddy.

3. David, Ellen, and his father spending a quiet evening in the parlor room.

Dear Hella ...

Write a love letter from David to Hella, in an attempt to explain why he is in love with her. Include details regarding the secret internal struggle David faces, due to his relationship with Giovanni, without telling Hella too much.

Interview Questions

Imagine you are a media journalist assigned the task of writing an expose on David. Create a list of questions pertinent to the first several chapters of the novel, followed up by the answers...

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