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Part One: Chapter One

• David thinks on his past relationships.

• Even though David has professed love to Hella, a woman, his true love is Giovanni.

• David meets Giovanni in Paris and lies about his homosexual history.

• He thinks back on an affair he had with a boy named Joey.

• After their sexual encounter, David is mean to Joey.

• Joey moves away and David never sees him again.

• Reflecting on his homosexuality, David thinks about his childhood.

• After his mother died, his aunt controlled both him and his father.

• David regrets the relationship he had with his father, as it was not as close as it could have been.

• A drunk driving accident causes David to reassess his life.

• David makes the decision to enter the military to prove his masculinity.

• Following the experience in the military, David moves to Europe.

Part One: Chapter Two

• Due to unpaid debts...

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