The Gin Game Fun Activities

D. L. Coburn
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Sketch the background of the scene

Sketch the background of the scene as described in the play and as you see it in your mind's eye.


Using what we know about one of the characters in the play, write a story about the character's past. For example, fill in the tale of Fonsia kicking her husband out of her house, or of Weller being divested from his business.

Produce the play

Using class members, produce play for the final day of class.

Character sketches

Draw the main characters as you picture them in your mind.

Make a collage

Make a collage of items that relate to retired living.

Stewed Tomatoes

Make a dish that includes stewed tomatoes. If this is what you have to look forward to in retirement, how do you feel?

The Ex

Write a scene which includes a visit by Weller's ex-wife. Under what...

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