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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gimpel tell the children to do before he leaves town?
(a) Pray for their mother.
(b) Remember him well.
(c) Start their own businesses.
(d) Forget him.

2. When Gimpel tells the children that he saw their dead mother, how do they react?
(a) They drop to their knees in prayer.
(b) They ask Gimpel to tell them more.
(c) They are astounded and can't speak.
(d) They become angry at his falsehood.

3. After Elka's death, who appears to Gimpel while he is sleeping?
(a) The Spirit of Evil.
(b) The rabbi.
(c) God.
(d) The baker.

4. At the end of Elka's life, what does Gimpel spend a fortune on?
(a) Toys for his children.
(b) Healers and doctors for Elka.
(c) Expensive clothing and housewares.
(d) Food.

5. What does the person in Gimpel's dream say about God?
(a) God is weak.
(b) They are friends.
(c) They are enemies.
(d) There is no God.

6. How does Gimpel feel on his way home at night after work?
(a) So excited he feels like singing.
(b) Like he has a fever.
(c) Hungry.
(d) Regretful he didn't get a divorce.

7. At the end of the story, what does Gimpel say about the world we live in?
(a) It is in fact heaven.
(b) It is imaginary and once removed.
(c) It is the work of the Spirit of Evil.
(d) It is hell.

8. At the end of the story, how does Gimpel say the afterlife will be?
(a) A burning pit just as the Spirit of Evil said.
(b) A craps shoot.
(c) Real, without ridicule, complication or deception.
(d) A relief.

9. After Gimpel reiterates what he saw in his bed when he returned home after their separation, what does Elka do?
(a) Yells and says an evil spirit has taken root inside Gimpel and dazzles his sight.
(b) Beg for forgiveness.
(c) Admit her wrongdoing.
(d) Sends him out to look at the goat again.

10. When the rabbi sends for Gimpel, after a long separation from Elka, what does the rabbi ask?
(a) If Gimpel is ready to divorce Elka.
(b) If Gimpel has been praying enough.
(c) If Gimpel is ready to marry someone else.
(d) If Gimpel is sure he was wrong about his wife.

11. After leaving Frampol, who does Gimpel see when he dreams?
(a) The Spirit of Evil.
(b) His children he left behind.
(c) Elka.
(d) God.

12. Who witnesses Gimpel right his wrong?
(a) The apprentice.
(b) His children.
(c) The baker.
(d) The farmer.

13. What advice does the apprentice give Gimpel?
(a) If he prays with Elka their marriage will beome stronger.
(b) The baker will be mad if Gimpel sends Elka too much food.
(c) Watch out for the farmer for he wants Elka.
(d) Ignore the townspeople and their long-tongued babble.

14. As the story ends, what is Gimpel about to do?
(a) Pray.
(b) Re-marry.
(c) Die.
(d) Eat.

15. Even though Gimpel has not seen his wife, what does he do to celebrate the event that occurred while the couple was separated?
(a) Divorces Elka.
(b) Invoke a blessing for the baby boy and name him.
(c) Invoke a blessing on the baby girl and name her.
(d) Skips the period of mourning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gimpel tell the Rabbi he actually saw by Elka in his bed?

2. What is Gimpel told while he is dreaming on his travels?

3. What is the final expression on Elka's face after she confesses to Gimpel?

4. On the night of Gimpel's return after a lengthy separation, what does Elka's "brother" do to Gimpel?

5. After taking steps toward revenge, what does the second dream person tell Gimpel?

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