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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After his dream in Chapter 4, what does Gimpel imagine the bread dough is saying to him?
(a) "Throw us at the Spirit of Evil!"
(b) "We will make good loaves tomorrow."
(c) "Do it!"
(d) "NO!"

2. If Gimpel follows the advice given to him by the dream person, what does he fear?
(a) Losing his business.
(b) Shame of being found out.
(c) Elka's wrath.
(d) Judgment in the world to come.

3. What does the second person Gimpel dreams of say of the afterlife?
(a) "I am so happy!"
(b) "I am in limbo."
(c) "Dante was right."
(d) "They spare you nothing here."

4. What does Elka tell Gimpel to do as soon as she sees him in the house?
(a) Tell the children he is back.
(b) Lay next to her.
(c) Check on the goat.
(d) Go back to the bakery.

5. What does Gimpel do after Elka's death?
(a) Celebrate.
(b) Observe a period of mourning.
(c) Refuse to admit she has died.
(d) Remarry.

6. After leaving Frampol, how does Gimpel always envision Elka?
(a) In her wedding gown.
(b) As a devil.
(c) As an angel but without wings.
(d) Standing by the washtub like their first encounter.

7. What does the person Gimpel confronts tell Gimpel to do?
(a) See an herb doctor or healer, as something is wrong with Gimpel's head.
(b) Admit that he isn't actually Elka's husband.
(c) Leave Elkaif he truely loves her.
(d) Bake some break for dinner that night.

8. What is Gimpel told while he is dreaming on his travels?
(a) All is right and death is nearer then far.
(b) He mustn't stray from Judaism.
(c) Everyone misses him at home.
(d) He will be tempted by the Spirit of Evil.

9. When Gimpel returns home after months of being away, who does Gimpel see in the bed next to Elka?
(a) The Yanover rabbi.
(b) The baker.
(c) The farmer.
(d) The apprentice.

10. When the second dream person appears to Gimpel, what do they look like?
(a) Shrouded with a black face.
(b) Like a skeleton.
(c) Happy and healthy.
(d) Sorrowful.

11. What advice does the apprentice give Gimpel?
(a) If he prays with Elka their marriage will beome stronger.
(b) Watch out for the farmer for he wants Elka.
(c) The baker will be mad if Gimpel sends Elka too much food.
(d) Ignore the townspeople and their long-tongued babble.

12. What does Gimpel carry with him in his beggar's sack?
(a) Death shrouds.
(b) A wad of money.
(c) His will.
(d) A dradel.

13. Initially, what does Gimpel want to do to the Spirit of Evil?
(a) Snatch him by the tail.
(b) Tell him he doesn't exist.
(c) Worship him.
(d) Ask him more questions.

14. After Gimpel and Elka's separation, why does Gimpel not want a scandal?
(a) He doesn't want people to think badly of Elka.
(b) He is tired of drama.
(c) He doesn't want to look foolish.
(d) People will accuse him of raising spooks and no one will want the bread he bakes.

15. Who is Gimpel told he owes thanks to?
(a) The Yanover rabbi.
(b) The farmer.
(c) Elka.
(d) The baker.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the original language of "Gimpel the Fool"?

2. Who does Gimpel use to send Elka food?

3. How long does Gimpel live with Elka?

4. What is Gimpel resolved to do while he is separated from Elka?

5. Gimpel states that, "All kinds of things happened," but what else does he say about these events?

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