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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Gimpel has returned home after being separated and he has completed Elka's errand, what does he ask her?
(a) How she has been.
(b) Why the kids aren't in bed.
(c) If she missed him.
(d) Where the apprentice went.

2. If Gimpel follows the advice given to him by the dream person, what does he fear?
(a) Losing his business.
(b) Shame of being found out.
(c) Judgment in the world to come.
(d) Elka's wrath.

3. What happens while Gimpel and Elka are separated?
(a) Elka gives birth to a baby girl.
(b) Gimpel meets someone else.
(c) Elka dies.
(d) Elka gives birth to a boy.

4. If Gimpel follows through with his plan of vengeance, what does he fear he'll lose?
(a) His children.
(b) Eternal life.
(c) His business.
(d) His wealth.

5. At the end of Elka's life, what does Gimpel spend a fortune on?
(a) Healers and doctors for Elka.
(b) Food.
(c) Expensive clothing and housewares.
(d) Toys for his children.

6. What does Gimpel do after Elka's death?
(a) Observe a period of mourning.
(b) Celebrate.
(c) Remarry.
(d) Refuse to admit she has died.

7. In order to avoid a scandal, what does Gimpel do?
(a) Heads to the temple.
(b) Breaks free of his constraints and ties up the "brother" instead.
(c) Tells Elka to run away in the night.
(d) Calms Elka down.

8. What does Elka tell Gimpel to do as soon as she sees him in the house?
(a) Tell the children he is back.
(b) Lay next to her.
(c) Check on the goat.
(d) Go back to the bakery.

9. What does Elka confess on her deathbed?
(a) She has always loved Gimpel.
(b) She has never loved Gimpel.
(c) Their children are not Gimpel's.
(d) She doesn't believe in God.

10. Where does Gimpel go when he leaves Frampol?
(a) Beijing.
(b) America.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Into the world.

11. Gimpel states that, "All kinds of things happened," but what else does he say about these events?
(a) They only happened in his mind.
(b) He was angered by these events.
(c) Because of these things he left Elka.
(d) He neither saw nor heard, simply believed.

12. How does Gimpel feel on his way home at night after work?
(a) Like he has a fever.
(b) Hungry.
(c) Regretful he didn't get a divorce.
(d) So excited he feels like singing.

13. By the time he is older, how has Gimpel's career progressed?
(a) He owns his own bakery and is considered to be a rich man.
(b) He has become a farmer.
(c) He is the poorest baker in town.
(d) He became wealthy by selling off his children.

14. How much time passed before the rabbis could come to a decision regarding Gimpel's situation?
(a) Six years.
(b) Six months.
(c) Nine years.
(d) Nine months.

15. After her big confession to Gimpel, what does Elka do?
(a) She falls asleep.
(b) She dies.
(c) She asks about the goat again.
(d) She recovers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who witnesses Gimpel right his wrong?

2. After taking steps toward revenge, who does Gimpel see in a dream?

3. When Gimpel returns home after months of being away, who does Gimpel see in the bed next to Elka?

4. Where does Gimpel believe he cannot be deceived?

5. When Gimpel tells the children that he saw their dead mother, how do they react?

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