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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gimpel steal for Elka?
(a) Baby clothes.
(b) Money.
(c) Food.
(d) Jewelry.

2. What does Gimpel do while Elka is in childbirth?
(a) Visits the Rabbi.
(b) Waits outside the birthing quarters and prays.
(c) Visits the House of Prayer and repeats psalms.
(d) Holds Elka's hand while she screams.

3. What does Elka do ten times a day?
(a) Pray.
(b) Threaten to divorce Gimpel.
(c) Eat.
(d) Tell Gimpel how much she loves him.

4. Instead of raisins, what do the other children put in Gimpel's hand?
(a) Rocks.
(b) Prunes.
(c) Goat turds.
(d) Grapes.

5. The morning after talking with the Rabbi, what does Gimpel say after he arrives at his destination?
(a) He has made a mistake.
(b) He is hungry and needs bread.
(c) He is in love with Elka and will never leave.
(d) He is happy to be in a new place.

6. As a joke, what do the townspeople tell Gimpel has happened to his parents?
(a) They have risen from the dead and are looking for him.
(b) They have moved to another town and left Gimpel behind.
(c) They have died.
(d) They are in debt and have sold him to the farmer.

7. Who is the child's favorite person?
(a) The Rabbi.
(b) Gimpel.
(c) Elka.
(d) Tha Baker.

8. If Elka's premarital request isn't met, what does she say can happen?
(a) She will berate the townspeople until her needs are met.
(b) She will scream.
(c) She will cry.
(d) Everyone can kiss her you-know-what.

9. What happens on Gimpel and Elka's wedding night?
(a) Gimpel surprises Elka with a new house.
(b) Gimpel breaks his vow of celebacy.
(c) Elka locks Gimpel out of the bedroom.
(d) Gimpel falls alseep before Elka does.

10. What does Gimpel see in his bed next to Elka?
(a) His new love interest.
(b) A man's form.
(c) An empty space for him to sleep.
(d) The baby.

11. When Gimpel bluntly states that Elka has borne a bastard, what does Elka claim?
(a) Gimpel knew she was pregnant when he married her.
(b) She has borne the new Jesus.
(c) Gimpel is the father.
(d) The child is a miracle from God.

12. After seeing the suspicious wedding gift, what is Gimpel's resolution?
(a) He will see what comes of it.
(b) He will run for his life.
(c) He will kill Elka first.
(d) He is resolved to embrace Christianity.

13. What does Elka want before agreeing to marry Gimpel?
(a) A house built to her specifications.
(b) A dowry of fifty guilders.
(c) A new puppy.
(d) A vow of celibacy from Gimpel.

14. The day after Elka's explanation about the child, who does Gimpel visit to talk things over?
(a) The schoolmaster.
(b) The Rabbi.
(c) The baker.
(d) The townspeople.

15. What advice is given to Gimpel regarding Elka's explanation about the child?
(a) Elka is a liar and he should already know that the child is not his.
(b) God makes miracles every day.
(c) Premature births do happen, so Gimpel should be grateful the child lived.
(d) The same thing happened to Adam and Eve, and every woman is a descendant of Eve.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice is given to Gimpel?

2. What is Gimpel's response to Elka's wedding night claims?

3. After his parents, who does Gimpel go to live with?

4. Although he is furious, why doesn't Gimpel awaken Elka in a rage?

5. Gimpel is what?

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