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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Elka tell Gimpel in an attempt to convince him that the child is his?
(a) The child has Gimpel's nose and ears.
(b) Gimpel was drunk one night nine months ago and came to visit her.
(c) An angel came to Elka in a dream and told her she would be the mother to the second coming of Christ.
(d) Elka's grandmother, whom she resembles, carried for the same short amount of time.

2. When Gimpel hints that Elka has fooled him, how does Elka respond?
(a) She begins to sob uncontrollably.
(b) She tells him that he is in fact a fool.
(c) She pretends not to know what he is talking about.
(d) She is silent.

3. After the feast celebrating the birth of their child, what does Elka ask Gimpel?
(a) Why he is silent.
(b) If he still loves her.
(c) If he is happy.
(d) Why he isn't tired.

4. What does Gimpel say most men would do in his situation?
(a) Work more.
(b) Take French leave and disappear.
(c) Demand more sex from his wife.
(d) Sleep more.

5. When Gimpel bluntly states that Elka has borne a bastard, what does Elka claim?
(a) Gimpel knew she was pregnant when he married her.
(b) The child is a miracle from God.
(c) She has borne the new Jesus.
(d) Gimpel is the father.

6. Even though Gimpel wanted to sleep at home, where does he stay instead?
(a) The cemetery.
(b) The street.
(c) The bakery.
(d) The pub.

7. What advice is given to Gimpel regarding Elka's explanation about the child?
(a) God makes miracles every day.
(b) Elka is a liar and he should already know that the child is not his.
(c) The same thing happened to Adam and Eve, and every woman is a descendant of Eve.
(d) Premature births do happen, so Gimpel should be grateful the child lived.

8. What does the Rabbi's daughter make Gimpel do?
(a) Give her some bread.
(b) Kiss the wall.
(c) Kiss her.
(d) Trip and fall.

9. Where does Gimpel sleep during the week?
(a) The barn.
(b) The pub.
(c) The synagogue.
(d) The bakery.

10. What does Gimpel say his foolishness consists of?
(a) He is easy to take in.
(b) He tells a lot of jokes.
(c) He is stupid.
(d) He doesn't like people.

11. What is the first thing Gimpel says about himself?
(a) He thinks himself a fool.
(b) He doesn't think himself a fool.
(c) He doesn't think himself worthy of life.
(d) He thinks himself handsome.

12. What is Gimpel's reasoning for considering marrying Elka?
(a) When you're married the husband is the master and if that's agreeable with her, it's agreeable to him too.
(b) He has heard that she is very pretty.
(c) "Waste not, want not."
(d) He shouldn't be judgmental.

13. Who is the child named after?
(a) Gimpel's father.
(b) Elka's mother.
(c) Elka's father.
(d) Gimpel's mother.

14. Judging by Gimpel's description, how is Elka's current living situation?
(a) Very dusty.
(b) Very poor.
(c) Very clean.
(d) Very wealthy.

15. Who is the narrator of the story?
(a) Elka.
(b) Gimpel.
(c) The rabbi.
(d) The Spirit of Evil.

Short Answer Questions

1. When presented with accusations of infidelity, what does Elka do?

2. What is Gimpel's defense against being called foolish?

3. After rationalizing Elka's behavior, what does Gimpel begin to agree with Elka on?

4. When does Gimpel receive his nickname?

5. What does Gimpel say about his ability to fight back?

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