Gilgamesh: Man's First Story Character Descriptions

Bernarda Bryson Shahn
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Gilgamesh - This character incites the events of this epic by insisting that the walls of his city be built higher and higher.

Anu - This character is the god of the skies, seeming to occupy a slighter higher esteem than the other gods.

Ea - This character is the god of the deep waters.

Enlil - This character rules over the earth and has little pity for humankind.

Ishtar - This character is the goddess of love but prone to violent mood swings and ruthless toward her enemies.

The Village Elders - These characters are chosen by the citizenry to complain to the gods about Gilgamesh. It is their idea that the gods create a man to destroy their King.

Humbaba - This character is a monster who lives on a mountain near Uruk and rains fire and soot down constantly on the city.

Aruru -...

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