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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the author say Bo-Bo Valentine received her injury?
(a) She fell off a swing.
(b) She was hit by a truck.
(c) She was attacked by a dog.
(d) She was hit by a baseball.

2. What did the author find a technique for that involves placing metal rings on the back and front of the skull?
(a) Removing brain tumors.
(b) Finding the foramen ovale.
(c) Curing headaches.
(d) Taking better x-rays of the brain.

3. What happened when the Hopkins team tried to put Beth's diseased hemisphere to sleep?
(a) She woke up.
(b) Her entire brain went to sleep.
(c) She slipped into a coma.
(d) They discovered that her speech control transferred to her good hemisphere.

4. As Susan recalled her story in "Craig and Susan," who did she tell God she was like from the Bible?
(a) Ruth.
(b) Isaac.
(c) Moses.
(d) Abraham.

5. How long did Maranda's hemispherectomy take in "Heartbreak"?
(a) Three hours.
(b) Twenty hours.
(c) Ten hours.
(d) Five hours.

6. How did patient Danielle's mother first learn about the author, in "Three Special Children"?
(a) An entry in Encyclopedia Britannica.
(b) The Phil Donahue show.
(c) An article in Ladies Home Journal.
(d) Danielle's doctor referred him.

7. What did Dr. Long propose, months after the author's return to Baltimore?
(a) That he become the chairman of surgery.
(b) That he become the chief of pediatric neurosurgery.
(c) That he open a private practice.
(d) That he consider a permanent move to Australia.

8. How long did the twins remain in a coma after their surgery in "The Rest of Their Story"?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) A week.
(c) Ten days.
(d) Two months.

9. What does the author say happened every time an instrument touched Maranda during her surgery?
(a) Her blood pressure dropped.
(b) She started to bleed.
(c) Her fingers moved.
(d) Her toes moved.

10. In "Think Big," what does the author say talented young people should focus on, instead of music and sports?
(a) Finding a spiritual community.
(b) Science.
(c) Service.
(d) Books and self-improvement.

11. In "The Rest of Their Story," what did the author say headlines read after the twins' surgery?
(a) Dr. Carson a hero.
(b) Twins may not survive.
(c) Twins blind from surgery.
(d) It's all in God's hands.

12. What did the author believe would happen if he did not give an injured patient a lobectomy?
(a) He would lose his job.
(b) The patient would die.
(c) He would disappoint his mentor.
(d) The patient would experience brain damage.

13. What concept allowed Maranda to manage well without the left half of her brain?
(a) Plasticity.
(b) Serendipity.
(c) Relativity.
(d) Multiplicity.

14. Why did the author tell Craig and Susan that he could NOT open the pons up during Craig's surgery?
(a) He was tired.
(b) He did not have the necessary tool.
(c) There was too much swelling.
(d) He thought it was too risky.

15. What is a pupilary response?
(a) When someone goes blind.
(b) When students answers a teacher's question.
(c) When someone's eyes react to dust or other foreign objects.
(d) When pupils respond to light.

Short Answer Questions

1. What affiliation did the author and his wife have that opened doors for them in Australia?

2. What does the author say he and his wife share as an unfulfilled dream, in "Think Big"?

3. What celebrity came to Johns Hopkins to visit Beth while she was comatose?

4. What news did Maranda's parents receive about her diagnosis at UCLA Medical Center?

5. What did the CT scan show after Beth's surgery in "Little Beth"?

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