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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Teresa Binder consider overdosing on sleeping pills in "Separating the Twins"?
(a) She was suspersticious about giving birth to twins.
(b) She was having relationship problems.
(c) She was addicted to sleeping pills.
(d) She could not bear the idea of giving birth to conjoined twins.

2. Who does the author complain, in "Another Step Forward," wouldn't talk to the "common people" like ward clerks or aides?
(a) Celebrity patients.
(b) Wealthy families.
(c) A few of the doctors.
(d) The veteran nurses.

3. In "Separating the Twins," where were the twins, Patrick and Benjamin, conjoined?
(a) At the back of the head.
(b) At the shoulder.
(c) At the chest.
(d) At the hip.

4. How did Beth Usher, in "Little Beth," receive a bump that later caused her first seizure?
(a) She fell from a swing.
(b) She was stung by a bee.
(c) She was hit with a baseball.
(d) She ran into a wall.

5. What did the CT scan show after Beth's surgery in "Little Beth"?
(a) A parasite.
(b) Her brain stem was swollen.
(c) A mysterious mass.
(d) She was bleeding.

6. Why did the author tell Craig and Susan that he could NOT open the pons up during Craig's surgery?
(a) He thought it was too risky.
(b) He was tired.
(c) He did not have the necessary tool.
(d) There was too much swelling.

7. What reason does the author give for not wanting to travel to Australia, in "A Special Year"?
(a) The Whites-only policy.
(b) The heavy accents.
(c) The healthcare system there.
(d) The 20-hour flight.

8. What did Dr. Long propose, months after the author's return to Baltimore?
(a) That he consider a permanent move to Australia.
(b) That he open a private practice.
(c) That he become the chairman of surgery.
(d) That he become the chief of pediatric neurosurgery.

9. Why does the author say he experiences less of a negative response from patients nowadays?
(a) Patients know who he is and what he looks like before they get there.
(b) He pre-screens patients to make sure they have a positive attitude.
(c) Times have changed and people are less prejudiced.
(d) He has learned to be more charming.

10. What does the author say was a "golden opportunity," where there would be no outcries over Denise Baca's hemispherectomy?
(a) When Denise's family and friends held a candlelight vigil.
(b) When the author was asked to televise the procedure.
(c) When his critic left for an overseas conference.
(d) When a judge ordered the operation.

11. In "The Rest of Their Story," what did the author say headlines read after the twins' surgery?
(a) Twins blind from surgery.
(b) Dr. Carson a hero.
(c) Twins may not survive.
(d) It's all in God's hands.

12. What does the author say was the most harrowing moment of the surgery for Patrick and Benjamin, in "Separating the Twins"?
(a) Forcing the boys into hypothermic arrest.
(b) Fashioning new satittal veins.
(c) Learning that the blood supply might run out.
(d) Separating the large venus sinuses.

13. What did the author find a technique for that involves placing metal rings on the back and front of the skull?
(a) Curing headaches.
(b) Removing brain tumors.
(c) Taking better x-rays of the brain.
(d) Finding the foramen ovale.

14. Who reminded the author, in "Craig and Susan," to remember his mother's words about trusting the Lord?
(a) Susan.
(b) Dr. Miller.
(c) Craig.
(d) Craig's father.

15. From what age did Maranda Francisco start having grand mal seizures?
(a) Four years old.
(b) Seven days old.
(c) Eighteen months old.
(d) Eight years old.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened when the author pulled Craig's tumorous growth in his brain stem, during his surgery?

2. What is a pupilary response?

3. During the author's intense year as chief resident, he learned the special skills that transform the _____ along with his hands, eyes and intuition into _____.

4. Denise's surgery, in "Little Beth," confirmed for the author that when people know their _____ and they know their job, it doesn't matter who _____ them.

5. What does the author say he and his wife share as an unfulfilled dream, in "Think Big"?

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