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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long did the author expect Maranda's surgery to be, in "A Girl Named Maranda"?
(a) Five hours.
(b) Four hours.
(c) Twelve hours.
(d) Two hours.

2. What happened when the author pulled Craig's tumorous growth in his brain stem, during his surgery?
(a) Craig began to bleed excessively.
(b) It came free in one gigantic blob.
(c) The author heard God's voice.
(d) The author suddenly felt lightheaded.

3. What does the author believe, even after losing Jennifer, about his relationship to patients?
(a) He feels he is a father figure to his patients.
(b) He believes he will cry whenever he loses a patient.
(c) He thinks it is fine to be emotionally attached.
(d) He believes nurses should break bad news to parents for him.

4. What is a pupilary response?
(a) When students answers a teacher's question.
(b) When pupils respond to light.
(c) When someone's eyes react to dust or other foreign objects.
(d) When someone goes blind.

5. Why did Teresa Binder consider overdosing on sleeping pills in "Separating the Twins"?
(a) She was suspersticious about giving birth to twins.
(b) She was addicted to sleeping pills.
(c) She could not bear the idea of giving birth to conjoined twins.
(d) She was having relationship problems.

6. What does the author say was the most harrowing moment of the surgery for Patrick and Benjamin, in "Separating the Twins"?
(a) Learning that the blood supply might run out.
(b) Fashioning new satittal veins.
(c) Forcing the boys into hypothermic arrest.
(d) Separating the large venus sinuses.

7. What significant sign of recovery did Maranda show after her hemispherectomy?
(a) She had little swelling.
(b) She sat up on the gurney.
(c) She slept.
(d) She talked.

8. What affiliation did the author and his wife have that opened doors for them in Australia?
(a) They lived in Michigan.
(b) They were Black Americans.
(c) They belonged to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
(d) They were Yale alumni.

9. What news did Maranda's parents receive about her diagnosis at UCLA Medical Center?
(a) The doctors saw no evidence of inflammation on her brain.
(b) Her condition was inoperable.
(c) The doctors believed a new drug would cure her.
(d) The results were inconclusive.

10. What does the author say a "four plus" did at the hospital?
(a) Informed how long an operation would be.
(b) Galvanized everyone into action.
(c) Indicated the number of surgeons required to attend neurosurgery grand rounds.
(d) Instructed how much coffee was needed.

11. How much blood did Maranda lose during the hemispherectomy?
(a) Nine pints.
(b) None.
(c) Twelve ounces.
(d) Two pints.

12. During the author's intense year as chief resident, he learned the special skills that transform the _____ along with his hands, eyes and intuition into _____.
(a) Patients/Empowered advocates for healthcare.
(b) Research/Practice.
(c) Doctors/Teachers.
(d) Surgical instruments/Healing.

13. How does the author say Bo-Bo Valentine received her injury?
(a) She fell off a swing.
(b) She was hit by a truck.
(c) She was attacked by a dog.
(d) She was hit by a baseball.

14. What does the author say was a "golden opportunity," where there would be no outcries over Denise Baca's hemispherectomy?
(a) When a judge ordered the operation.
(b) When his critic left for an overseas conference.
(c) When Denise's family and friends held a candlelight vigil.
(d) When the author was asked to televise the procedure.

15. What reason does the author give for not wanting to travel to Australia, in "A Special Year"?
(a) The heavy accents.
(b) The healthcare system there.
(c) The Whites-only policy.
(d) The 20-hour flight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What unusual solution did one doctor suggest Maranda try twice a day for her seizures?

2. In "Coming Into My Own," whose voice did the author hear when he encountered prejudice?

3. What does the author say he and his wife share as an unfulfilled dream, in "Think Big"?

4. What does the author say happened every time an instrument touched Maranda during her surgery?

5. How long did the twins remain in a coma after their surgery in "The Rest of Their Story"?

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