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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author say worship services and Bible lessons frequently focused on?
(a) Missionary doctors.
(b) Moses.
(c) Politicians.
(d) Bad parents.

2. What consequence did the author face if he failed a college class?
(a) He would be fined.
(b) He could no longer be in the premed program.
(c) He would be sent home.
(d) He would be put on probation.

3. The author told his mother that _____ are supposed to _____.
(a) Mothers and fathers/Stay together.
(b) Fathers/Do as they please.
(c) Boys/Cry.
(d) Mothers/Obey their husbands.

4. What did the author receive for making the fifth-hour class the best unit in the school?
(a) He received a certificate.
(b) He received a trophy.
(c) He was given permission to leave school early.
(d) He was promoted to second lieutenant.

5. How much education does the author say his mother had when she married?
(a) Tenth grade.
(b) Third grade.
(c) High school.
(d) College.

6. In "College Choices," how long did the author spend studying for his exam?
(a) Two hours.
(b) Eight hours.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) All night.

7. When does the author say he worked at Wayne State University in one of the biology laboratories?
(a) The summer after his freshman year at Yale.
(b) The summer between his junior and senior year of high school.
(c) During spring break of his sophomore year at Yale.
(d) The year after he graduated from college.

8. What college group was Candy involved in that amazed the author?
(a) An underground newspaper.
(b) Honor Society.
(c) Yale Repertory Theatre.
(d) Yale Symphony and Bach Society.

9. What does the author say was an embarrassing and painful experience at Hunter Junior High?
(a) Eating lunch.
(b) Capping.
(c) Gym class.
(d) Learning about General Custer.

10. Where did the author turn when he believed he could not pass an exam?
(a) To the campus tutoring center.
(b) To his academic adviser.
(c) To God.
(d) To his mother.

11. What did the author consider his biggest problem in tenth grade?
(a) Choosing a career.
(b) Thinking about college.
(c) Dating.
(d) Clothes.

12. In "College Choices," what was the class that the author fell behind in the most?
(a) Algebra.
(b) English.
(c) History.
(d) Chemistry.

13. In "A Terrible Temper," the author says once he reached the _____, he lost all _____.
(a) Popular kids/Respect.
(b) Top of the class/Motivation.
(c) Principal's office/Anger.
(d) Boiling point/Rational control.

14. How often did the author wear an ROTC uniform at school?
(a) Every day.
(b) Two days a week.
(c) Three days a week.
(d) Every Friday.

15. What job did the author recommend Candy try out for at his church in "A Serious Step"?
(a) Sabbath School teacher.
(b) Janitor.
(c) Choir director.
(d) Organist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What impression did the author have that his grades reinforced?

2. What did Candy's family think was strange about her new church in "A Serious Step"?

3. In "Eight Years Old," what made the author feel worse than being at the bottom of his class at Higgins Elementary School?

4. Where did the author's family move, after his mother decided to rent their house?

5. What does the author say is the truth he learned much later about his father?

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