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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19: Separating Twins and the Rest of Their Story.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Denise's surgery, in "Little Beth," confirmed for the author that when people know their _____ and they know their job, it doesn't matter who _____ them.
(a) Enemies/Attacks.
(b) Profession/Hires.
(c) Weaknesses/Supports.
(d) Capabilities/Opposes.

2. In "A Boy's Big Problem," what does the author say his mother needed in order to provide for the family and keep up the house?
(a) A therapist.
(b) Food stamps.
(c) A husband.
(d) A second job.

3. Why did the author quit his job at Young and Rubicum Advertising?
(a) The commute was too tiresome.
(b) He did not get along with his co-workers in the mail room.
(c) He lost interest in advertising.
(d) The job did not pay enough.

4. What subtle way did the author's mother encourage him in "ROTC Triumph"?
(a) She read to him from the Bible.
(b) She left hints around the house about what college she wanted him to attend.
(c) She lectured him.
(d) She quoted poems and famous sayings to him.

5. How did patient Danielle's mother first learn about the author, in "Three Special Children"?
(a) The Phil Donahue show.
(b) Danielle's doctor referred him.
(c) An entry in Encyclopedia Britannica.
(d) An article in Ladies Home Journal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the author say was the "earliest, strongest, and most impacting force" in his life?

2. In "A Terrible Temper," the author says once he reached the _____, he lost all _____.

3. What percent academic scholarship does the author say he received for college?

4. Why did Teresa Binder consider overdosing on sleeping pills in "Separating the Twins"?

5. What "wonderful summer job" did the author take after his first year at Yale?

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