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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14: A Girl Named Maranda.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What homework assignment did the author give Luis and Terry Francisco before Maranda's surgery?
(a) Say their prayers.
(b) Buy Maranda a toy from the gift shop.
(c) Sign up for family counseling.
(d) Watch some movies to distract them from worry.

2. Why did the author change schools in the middle of eighth grade?
(a) He got expelled from his old school.
(b) He moved back to his old house.
(c) He moved back to Boston.
(d) He transferred to a school for gifted children.

3. What "wonderful summer job" did the author take after his first year at Yale?
(a) Lab technician at Wayne State University.
(b) Camp counselor.
(c) Supervisor with a highway crew.
(d) Volunteer at a hospital.

4. Why did the author withdraw his applications to medical school programs at Johns Hopkins, Yale, Michigan State, and Wayne State?
(a) He realized he applied to too many programs.
(b) He decided to take a year off to get married.
(c) He received a fellowship to study abroad.
(d) He was accepted to the University of Michigan.

5. How did the author comfort himself about his capping on other students?
(a) He said that everyone did it, and it was the only way to survive.
(b) He said he thought his father would approve.
(c) He said it was not his fault there were ugly people at school.
(d) He said he would only do it until he got some better clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the author complain, in "Another Step Forward," wouldn't talk to the "common people" like ward clerks or aides?

2. What did the author's mother consistently ask him about, no matter how tired she was?

3. What year of college was the author in when he met Candy?

4. The author says he was hooked the first few times he looked down upon what?

5. What reason does the author give for not wanting to travel to Australia, in "A Special Year"?

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