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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9: Changing the Rules.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Bobby Farmer impress the author during a history class?
(a) He knew what flax was.
(b) He knew the dates of every war.
(c) He said he planned to study agriculture in college.
(d) He had memorized all of the United States Presidents.

2. What happened halfway through the author's fifth grade year?
(a) He met the President.
(b) He got an eye examination at school.
(c) He went to Disneyland.
(d) He won a science competition.

3. Where did the author's mother go when she said she was staying with relatives?
(a) A mental institution.
(b) To gamble.
(c) To visit her ex-husband.
(d) To pursue a singing career.

4. Where did the author and his brother stay when his mother went away in Carrying the Load?
(a) Home alone.
(b) With relatives.
(c) With their father.
(d) With neighbors.

5. What subtle way did the author's mother encourage him in "ROTC Triumph"?
(a) She lectured him.
(b) She quoted poems and famous sayings to him.
(c) She read to him from the Bible.
(d) She left hints around the house about what college she wanted him to attend.

Short Answer Questions

1. In "Changing the Rules," what common interest did the author share with attorney Ward Randall, Jr.?

2. How did the author and his brother often travel to Wilson Junior High?

3. What does the author say he would do before he let his classmates know they hurt him?

4. At the start of "Goodbye, Daddy," who told the author that his father was moving out of the family home?

5. What type of curriculum did the school counselor enroll Curtis in, in Carrying the Load?

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