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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9: Changing the Rules.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the author and his brother give up football in "Two Positives"?
(a) They decided to join the math team instead.
(b) They were threatened by a group of men after practice.
(c) Their mother made them quit the team.
(d) They thought the coach was too hard on them.

2. What did the author's mother buy for him that he rejected, saying they were the "wrong kind"?
(a) Pretzels.
(b) Art supplies.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Pants.

3. What did the author discover when he began to read Proverbs?
(a) A chapter about a doctor who was a great healer.
(b) The language of the Bible made him even more angry.
(c) He did not understand the Bible.
(d) A string of verses about angry people.

4. In "ROTC Triumph," why does the author say he looked forward to Sunday nights?
(a) To visit the Detroit Institute of Arts.
(b) To study for the SAT.
(c) To watch a quiz show on television.
(d) To put in long hours at the science lab.

5. The author graduates _____ in his senior high school class.
(a) Fourth.
(b) Third.
(c) Second.
(d) First.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument did the author play in ninth grade?

2. Why was the author surprised when he read the exam problems in the booklet, in "College Choices"?

3. What did the author's mother consistently ask him about, no matter how tired she was?

4. The author's mother told him if he could _____, he could learn just about anything he wanted to know.

5. At times, the author says, his mother's refusal to settle for less came across as _____, _____, even _____ to him.

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