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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12: Coming Into My Own.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What influential adult in "ROTC Triumph" told the author to "always put first things first"?
(a) Mrs. Miller.
(b) Mr. McCotter.
(c) Sgt. Bandy.
(d) Mr. Doakes.

2. What subtle way did the author's mother encourage him in "ROTC Triumph"?
(a) She quoted poems and famous sayings to him.
(b) She lectured him.
(c) She read to him from the Bible.
(d) She left hints around the house about what college she wanted him to attend.

3. How did the author comfort himself about his capping on other students?
(a) He said he thought his father would approve.
(b) He said he would only do it until he got some better clothes.
(c) He said that everyone did it, and it was the only way to survive.
(d) He said it was not his fault there were ugly people at school.

4. What object of the author's did a ninth grader in "A Boy's Big Problem" say had been through four world wars?
(a) His shirt.
(b) His shoes.
(c) His backpack.
(d) His pencil.

5. Why did the author change schools in the middle of eighth grade?
(a) He got expelled from his old school.
(b) He moved back to Boston.
(c) He moved back to his old house.
(d) He transferred to a school for gifted children.

Short Answer Questions

1. At 13, the author changed his goal of becoming a general practitioner to a what?

2. What score did the author receive on a math quiz that humiliated him?

3. In "Changing the Rules," the author says that _____ could get him in the door but _____ and quality of work were the real tests.

4. What did the psychology professor give the author for being the most honest student in the class?

5. Why did the author quit his job at Young and Rubicum Advertising?

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