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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15: Heartbreak.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the author comfort himself about his capping on other students?
(a) He said he thought his father would approve.
(b) He said he would only do it until he got some better clothes.
(c) He said that everyone did it, and it was the only way to survive.
(d) He said it was not his fault there were ugly people at school.

2. What did the author consider his biggest problem in tenth grade?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Choosing a career.
(c) Dating.
(d) Thinking about college.

3. Why did the author withdraw his applications to medical school programs at Johns Hopkins, Yale, Michigan State, and Wayne State?
(a) He was accepted to the University of Michigan.
(b) He realized he applied to too many programs.
(c) He received a fellowship to study abroad.
(d) He decided to take a year off to get married.

4. What does the author believe, even after losing Jennifer, about his relationship to patients?
(a) He feels he is a father figure to his patients.
(b) He believes nurses should break bad news to parents for him.
(c) He thinks it is fine to be emotionally attached.
(d) He believes he will cry whenever he loses a patient.

5. What significant sign of recovery did Maranda show after her hemispherectomy?
(a) She talked.
(b) She had little swelling.
(c) She slept.
(d) She sat up on the gurney.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object of the author's did a ninth grader in "A Boy's Big Problem" say had been through four world wars?

2. How much blood did Maranda lose during the hemispherectomy?

3. What does the author say was an embarrassing and painful experience at Hunter Junior High?

4. What job did the author recommend Candy try out for at his church in "A Serious Step"?

5. In "A Serious Step," who helped the author get a summer job at Sennet Steel?

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