Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story Character Descriptions

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Ben Carson

When this doctor is up against impossible odds, he prays to God and always finds a way.

Sonya Robinson Carson

The author credits this person, who has only a third grade education, for his high level of success.

Candy Carson

This person meets the author at Yale, becomes his friend, and later marries him.

Craig and Susan

This couple convinces the author to perform a risky surgery on a brain tumor, a result of a rare disease that one of them suffers from.

Benjamin & Patrick Binder

These two individuals share a common skull and are separated in a groundbreaking surgery headed by the author.

Curtis Carson

This relative of the author benefits from his mother's God-centered and education-focused upbringing, and becomes a successful engineer.

Maranda Francisco

This patient is in dire condition when first brought to the author's attention. Every other doctor had considered the case...

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