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Chapter 1: Goodbye, Daddy

• The author, Ben Carson, was a young boy when his mother told him that his father was leaving and would not be back.

• He loved his father and was very upset.

• The author recalled how much fun his father was, how he would count the minutes until his father came home at night.

• Only later in life did the author and his brother Curtis find out that his father had another "wife" and other children.

• In later years, the author's mother referred to his father having been involved with other women and drugs.

• Although at first the author prayed that his parents got back together, ultimately he realized that he and his mother and brother were happier without him.

Chapter 2: Carrying the Load

• The author's mother did not have much formal education.

• Due to Curtis' history of low grades, the school counselor placed him in...

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