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Short Answer Questions

1. As the author prepares to leave the island what saddens about her life at home?

2. What does Anne believe is not her responsibility to do?

3. What best describes Anne's feelings towards middle age?

4. What does the realization of self encourage?

5. How does the structure of the oyster shell appear?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe a day at the beach with Anne after her sister arrives.

2. What does Anne say women must discover for themselves and how?

3. How does Anne feel as she leaves the island and what does she think about her time?

4. What does Anne suggest each person must do as far as themselves is concerned and what effect would that have on a person's life?

5. How does Anne see the difference between everyday task at home and on the island?

6. What does the author say about most people wanting duration in life and marriage?

7. Anne talks about the different needs for aging adults. What are some of the ideas she expresses?

8. How does the author see the beginning of a marriage for most people?

9. What does Anne say is the key to dealing with the whole and moving forward?

10. What does Anne say about returning to the beginnings of a relationship?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author explores many metaphors centering on the beach, the sea and the "gifts" from the sea. Write about two of these metaphors and your understanding of what she is saying.

Essay Topic 2

The author deeply desires to maintain her role as wife, mother, artist and public figure, such a lifestyle begins to become all pervasive and takes a toll on the author's spirit. What do you think is meant by this statement. Use text from the book and ideas from your own life to illustrate your points.

Essay Topic 3

During a description of a "dance" the author wrote about her sister's visit she suggests living in the present is best. What does she mean by living in the present? How difficult it is for you to live in the present? Use an example from your life to illustrate living in the present.

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