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Short Answer Questions

1. Who preached against the dangers of multiplicity in the third century?

2. Why does the author believe people often break up a romantic relationship?

3. Why might women feel resentful about giving?

4. What does the author say is required of an artist?

5. What does the author say must be balanced in a woman's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. The author suggests that women are designed to be giving. How does she tie in giving with solitude?

2. What does Anne find on one of her first walks on the beach and what does she wonder about it?

3. Why might Anne want to be alone at the beach?

4. How does the author find life at the ocean?

5. What does Anne think middle age might bring to her relationships?

6. How does this book open and why is the author at the location in the book?

7. How does being at home change the author's interaction with people?

8. How does the author see the difference between a man and a woman in marriage?

9. What happens to Anne's mind the second week at the beach?

10. How does the author relate decorating with a few objects to people in crowds?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The author suggests one cannot find love in someone else without first finding it for oneself. What does she mean? How would this apply to your life?

Essay Topic 2

The author writes that clearing her mind and experiencing the sea without other thoughts pressing in is very difficult to do. Why do you think people have a hard time quieting their minds? Do you ever sit down and try to think of nothing? If you have, did you find it hard and why? If not, what do you think you might get out of trying?

Essay Topic 3

The author deeply desires to maintain her role as wife, mother, artist and public figure, such a lifestyle begins to become all pervasive and takes a toll on the author's spirit. What do you think is meant by this statement. Use text from the book and ideas from your own life to illustrate your points.

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