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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the second week at the sea what returns to Anne?
(a) Her children
(b) Her husband
(c) The ability to think
(d) Her tan from last year

2. How does Anne decorate her beach cottage?
(a) With gifts from the sea
(b) With her paintings
(c) She doesn't deorate her cottage
(d) With local handicrafts

3. What does Anne say is valid as far as one-and-only moments?
(a) T
(b) They're valid for children
(c) They're valid for the first five years
(d) They're valid if carefully controlled

4. What does the author believe people are designed to do?
(a) Have a purpose
(b) Have children
(c) Make money
(d) Seek companionship and acceptance

5. What are the author's ambitions for the days to come?
(a) To complete an array of simple and pleasurable tasks
(b) To do nothing
(c) To read fourteen short stories
(d) To write the first draft of a book

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she do with the books she has stashed in the bag?

2. Anne says every relationship seems how, at the beginning?

3. How do the author feel about clearing her mind and focusing solely on the sea?

4. What does the author learn to appreciate with in her solitude?

5. How do people smile at the beach?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author find life at the ocean?

2. Describe the author's understanding of the first stage of a relationship.

3. How does the channeled whelk shell appear to Anne?

4. What does Anne find on one of her first walks on the beach and what does she wonder about it?

5. The author suggests being alone might be good for a person. Why does she say this?

6. What are obstacles to simplicity in Anne's life?

7. How does one get gifts from the sea and what are the gifts?

8. How does the author believe her life has been shaped?

9. What happens to Anne's mind the second week at the beach?

10. How does this book open and why is the author at the location in the book?

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