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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What allows a person to give of oneself?
(a) Being a child
(b) Maintaining health
(c) Being a woman
(d) Being selfless

2. What is a channeled whelk?
(a) Where boats come to the harbor
(b) A type of seaweed
(c) A small snail-like creature
(d) A type of coral

3. How does the author think one's true identity is found?
(a) Meditation
(b) Having goals
(c) By giving of oneself
(d) By losing oneself

4. What casts a powerful spell on Anne?
(a) The shells
(b) The sea
(c) The breeze
(d) The sun

5. Who does Anne Lindbergh believe has helped shape her life?
(a) Her education
(b) The people who have helped to create it
(c) Her religion
(d) Her ideas

Short Answer Questions

1. What complicates a pure relationship?

2. How does Anne feel about her roles in life?

3. What does the author suggest for good parenting?

4. What does she do with the books she has stashed in the bag?

5. What does the author say everyone wants out of love?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are obstacles to simplicity in Anne's life?

2. Why do some people try to stay in the first stage of a relationship?

3. How does the author suggest women should obtain solitude?

4. Describe the author's understanding of the first stage of a relationship.

5. How does the channeled whelk shell appear to Anne?

6. How does the author find life at the ocean?

7. How does the author feel about the ocean and what happens to her when near it?

8. How does the author believe her life has been shaped?

9. How does the author see the difference between a man and a woman in marriage?

10. How does the author see people, since being at the beach?

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