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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What types of habits does the daily life of marriage have?
(a) Feminine and masculine
(b) Strong and weak
(c) Work and play
(d) Good and bad

2. The world is so large and devoid of individuality that the author worries about what?
(a) If people just follow the trends
(b) If life is becoming more difficult
(c) If people are becoming more violent
(d) If it is possible to care sufficiently for the whole

3. How does Anne feel as she leaves the sea?
(a) Tired but peaceful
(b) Tushed she has to get home
(c) Happy
(d) Nostalgia is already setting in

4. How does Anne see what she's learned the past two weeks?
(a) She sees each problem separately
(b) She sees the whole picture
(c) She sees nothing useful for the city
(d) She sees each day individually

5. What is the difference between daily living tasks on the island and at home?
(a) There are no tasks on the island
(b) The tasks are pleasurable on the island
(c) There's not enough time on the island
(d) The tasks are quicker in the city

6. By middle age, what does Anne assert most couples are doing?
(a) Quit the struggle for a place in the world
(b) Getting ready to start a new career
(c) Getting bored with each other
(d) Waiting for grandchildren

7. Anne says that only by learning the truth and beauty in the individual we can do what?
(a) Not have war
(b) Not have crime
(c) Not have to deal with the world
(d) Deal with the whole

8. What does the author say the perfect day with her visitor represents?
(a) The give and take of relationships
(b) Being alone when someone is with you
(c) Being too polite to say no
(d) Being able to ignore someone politely

9. Why would she believe the answer to question #151?
(a) One tends to gravitate toward the familiar
(b) She has no friends on the island
(c) Most strange people don't live in cities
(d) She has no time to meet people on the island

10. What makes people seem different on the island from people in the city?
(a) On the island most people don't have a job
(b) In the city the people are rushed
(c) In the city the people are friendly
(d) On the island one sees each person as unique

11. What does the author say each person must develop on his/her own?
(a) One's own talents
(b) One's own attitudes
(c) One's own personality
(d) One's own beliefs

12. What does the mother Argonauta do with her shell after the babies hatch?
(a) Gives it to her mate
(b) Eats it
(c) The children take it with them
(d) Leaves it and swims away

13. How does Anne's feelings change as she prepares to leave the beach?
(a) Melancholy for hope
(b) Balance for restlessness
(c) Happiness for depression
(d) Peace for chaos

14. What does the author intend to do about the societal implications of age?
(a) Survive them
(b) Mitigate them
(c) Ignore them
(d) Get rid of them

15. Why does Anne take only a few shells home with her?
(a) The less she has the more they'll be appreciated
(b) There weren't many shells at that beach
(c) She didn't have room in her suitcase
(d) Her husband didn't like smelly shells

Short Answer Questions

1. What do most friends in the city do that precludes the answer to question #153?

2. What kind of schedule does the author say is necessary on the island?

3. What does the author say will destroy the beauty and rhythm of the dance?

4. What is it acceptable for people to do together on the island?

5. What type of people does the author believe one would be unlikely to be friends with in a city?

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