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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author say a woman is full of?
(a) Peace and chaos
(b) Order and serenity
(c) Ambiguity and contradiction
(d) Love and hate

2. Why does Anne say about the tasks at home and time?
(a) They are fun with her children
(b) Her husband helps her
(c) They are quick and easy
(d) They eat up valuable time

3. Why must a new community be created in a middle aged relationship?
(a) Life is slower
(b) The children have left home
(c) The community is much larger
(d) To keep it from boredom

4. What does age bring with it, according to the author?
(a) The need for closure
(b) The need to shed things
(c) Painful joints
(d) The need for balance

5. What types of habits does the daily life of marriage have?
(a) Good and bad
(b) Work and play
(c) Feminine and masculine
(d) Strong and weak

6. Why does the author think at this stage of life a large house is not necessary?
(a) It's too much to maintain
(b) It cost too much money
(c) It has too many memories
(d) The children will move away

7. How are the bonds of marriage formed?
(a) Watching television together
(b) Having a great love life
(c) Having children
(d) Working to achieve their united goals

8. How do the two function in the small cottage?
(a) They sleep in shifts
(b) They fight about who cooks
(c) As a dance
(d) They keep knocking into each other

9. Who comes to visit Anne at the cottage?
(a) Her lover
(b) Her children
(c) Her sister
(d) Her husband

10. What do most friends in the city do that precludes the answer to question #153?
(a) Isolate themselves
(b) Go to school long hours
(c) Activities and conversation
(d) Work two jobs

11. What does the author intend to do about the societal implications of age?
(a) Get rid of them
(b) Mitigate them
(c) Ignore them
(d) Survive them

12. What kind of schedule does the author say is necessary on the island?
(a) A detailed schedule
(b) A daily schedule
(c) No schedule
(d) A weekly schedule

13. What does the author say makes it impossible to stand up for each person in existence?
(a) The lack of knowledge
(b) The lifespan of a person and demands placed on daily life
(c) The over population of the world
(d) The lack of heart and soul

14. How does the freedom of being a whole person effect a relationship?
(a) It makes a relationship stormy
(b) It usually breaks up a marriage
(c) The role of the person adds a different facet
(d) It causes equality in a relationship

15. What does the author say the perfect day with her visitor represents?
(a) Being able to ignore someone politely
(b) The give and take of relationships
(c) Being alone when someone is with you
(d) Being too polite to say no

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes people seem different on the island from people in the city?

2. What does the Argonauta represent to Anne?

3. What type of people does the author believe one would be unlikely to be friends with in a city?

4. What does she want to relate to her city life from the beach?

5. Why is the author amused by the oyster shell?

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