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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are two ways bonds in marriage are formed?
(a) Having children and hobbies
(b) Taking care of parents and going to school
(c) Working and praying
(d) Loyalties and shared experiences

2. When one lets go of the past one does one get?
(a) Nothing
(b) Peace of mind
(c) A different present
(d) A certain freedom

3. How does the author see the oyster shell?
(a) As a cover for a pearl
(b) Humble, awkward, and ugly
(c) Beautiful and delicate
(d) Strange and alien

4. What does Anne believe is not her responsibility to do?
(a) To visit the sick
(b) Embrace the entire world
(c) To raise her grandchildren
(d) To help her neighbors

5. What do the Anne and her visitor do in the evening?
(a) Write
(b) Relax and talk
(c) Read
(d) Set up a budget

6. Why must a new community be created in a middle aged relationship?
(a) Life is slower
(b) The community is much larger
(c) The children have left home
(d) To keep it from boredom

7. To what does the author compare the oyster shell for comfort?
(a) The gentle sun
(b) A pair of old gardening gloves
(c) A feather bed
(d) Soft sand

8. What does the author say might sacrifice the present in honor of the future?
(a) Trying to balance the individual against the whole
(b) Trying to ignore the day and always think about next week
(c) Trying to live in the past
(d) Trying to put off too many actions

9. What is the difference between daily living tasks on the island and at home?
(a) The tasks are pleasurable on the island
(b) There's not enough time on the island
(c) There are no tasks on the island
(d) The tasks are quicker in the city

10. How does Anne see what she's learned the past two weeks?
(a) She sees each problem separately
(b) She sees each day individually
(c) She sees nothing useful for the city
(d) She sees the whole picture

11. What does the mother Argonauta do with her shell after the babies hatch?
(a) The children take it with them
(b) Leaves it and swims away
(c) Eats it
(d) Gives it to her mate

12. The metaphor of dance exquisitely describes the method in which one may approach what?
(a) Relationships
(b) How to learn
(c) The unknown and lack of continuity in life
(d) How to grow young

13. Between what two poles have women swung, in the past?
(a) Dependence and competition
(b) Ambition and laziness
(c) Love and hate
(d) Kindness and anger

14. Who comes to visit Anne at the cottage?
(a) Her children
(b) Her sister
(c) Her lover
(d) Her husband

15. How do the two function in the small cottage?
(a) As a dance
(b) They fight about who cooks
(c) They sleep in shifts
(d) They keep knocking into each other

Short Answer Questions

1. What are people expected to know in modern life?

2. What might limit a person's outlook on life?

3. How does the structure of the oyster shell appear?

4. What is difficult for a person in a crowd to do?

5. What strong lure does the author feel when contemplating the oyster shell?

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