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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What types of habits does the daily life of marriage have?
(a) Work and play
(b) Feminine and masculine
(c) Good and bad
(d) Strong and weak

2. What does the author say a woman must discover for herself?
(a) Whether she wants children
(b) Her intelligence
(c) Her identity
(d) Her talents

3. How is the shell of the Argonauta used by them?
(a) It is used to dig in the sand
(b) The mother uses it as a cradle for its young
(c) It is used to attract a mate
(d) It is used to attract its prey

4. What does the author plan to do about her life upon returning home?
(a) Kick her grown children out
(b) Pick-up where she left off
(c) Tell her husband to change
(d) Try for more balance

5. How does the structure of the oyster shell appear?
(a) It has no structure
(b) Evenly spaced
(c) Sprawling and uneven
(d) Intricate and planned

6. What does Anne believe is not her responsibility to do?
(a) To help her neighbors
(b) To raise her grandchildren
(c) Embrace the entire world
(d) To visit the sick

7. What are people expected to know in modern life?
(a) How to be a good spouse
(b) About everything that goes on
(c) How to raise children
(d) How to earn money

8. Who comes to visit Anne at the cottage?
(a) Her sister
(b) Her lover
(c) Her children
(d) Her husband

9. What does the realization of self encourage?
(a) Having a good job
(b) Being a good partner
(c) The growth of one's interests
(d) Being smart

10. What does Anne say people must do as far as time goes?
(a) Work faster
(b) Throw away all clocks
(c) Live in the present
(d) Not think about time at all

11. What is it acceptable for people to do together on the island?
(a) To give each other desserts
(b) To lie about who they are
(c) To be silent in the presence of another
(d) To play volleyball together

12. By middle age, what does Anne assert most couples are doing?
(a) Getting ready to start a new career
(b) Waiting for grandchildren
(c) Getting bored with each other
(d) Quit the struggle for a place in the world

13. What about space around an object changes it?
(a) It could get lost
(b) Someone might not see it and break it
(c) It could change the color
(d) It can stand out and be noticed and admired

14. What does the author say might sacrifice the present in honor of the future?
(a) Trying to balance the individual against the whole
(b) Trying to put off too many actions
(c) Trying to live in the past
(d) Trying to ignore the day and always think about next week

15. For what was the Argonauta named?
(a) The Roman God of the sea
(b) An old Latin term
(c) Jason's ship as he searched for the golden fleece
(d) Nothing in particular

Short Answer Questions

1. What strong lure does the author feel when contemplating the oyster shell?

2. The author asserts that to expect duration in one's life and relationships is what?

3. What does the author say the perfect day with her visitor represents?

4. How does the freedom of being a whole person effect a relationship?

5. How does Anne feel as she leaves the sea?

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