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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne believe space around an object can do?
(a) Keep people from touching it
(b) Make it look odd
(c) Make it more special
(d) Be very dark

2. Why would she believe the answer to question #151?
(a) She has no friends on the island
(b) She has no time to meet people on the island
(c) One tends to gravitate toward the familiar
(d) Most strange people don't live in cities

3. How does Anne see what she's learned the past two weeks?
(a) She sees each day individually
(b) She sees the whole picture
(c) She sees nothing useful for the city
(d) She sees each problem separately

4. What makes people seem different on the island from people in the city?
(a) In the city the people are rushed
(b) On the island most people don't have a job
(c) In the city the people are friendly
(d) On the island one sees each person as unique

5. What does romantic love turn to, according to the author?
(a) Familial love
(b) Devotion and companionship
(c) Divorce
(d) Friendship

6. How does society deal with middle/late age?
(a) Condemns it
(b) Ignores it
(c) Fears it
(d) Makes fun of it

7. Who comes to visit Anne at the cottage?
(a) Her children
(b) Her lover
(c) Her husband
(d) Her sister

8. How does the author use shells in relation to life?
(a) To show wonder
(b) To demonstrate love
(c) To think about death
(d) To illustrate the stages

9. As the author prepares to leave the island what saddens about her life at home?
(a) Her children are gone
(b) Her husband left her
(c) That it can't be lived like on the island
(d) Her dog has died

10. What do Anne and her visitor do in the morning?
(a) Swim
(b) Sleep
(c) Work
(d) Walk

11. What is the relationship of the Argonauta to its shell?
(a) It is the same shape as its shell
(b) It is not attached to its shell
(c) It doesn't have a shell
(d) It is the same color as its shell

12. How do sailors consider the Argonauta shell?
(a) It brings fair weather
(b) It brings death
(c) It is lucky because they can sell it
(d) It can cause a ship to overturn

13. The world is so large and devoid of individuality that the author worries about what?
(a) If life is becoming more difficult
(b) If it is possible to care sufficiently for the whole
(c) If people just follow the trends
(d) If people are becoming more violent

14. What does the author say each person must develop on his/her own?
(a) One's own attitudes
(b) One's own talents
(c) One's own beliefs
(d) One's own personality

15. What type of people does the author believe one would be unlikely to be friends with in a city?
(a) A surf bum
(b) A beatnik
(c) An eclectic group
(d) An old hippie

Short Answer Questions

1. When one lets go of the past one does one get?

2. What does the author intend to do about the societal implications of age?

3. What does the author say a woman is full of?

4. What does the realization of self encourage?

5. What has changed in the modern life as far as community goes?

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