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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it acceptable for people to do together on the island?
(a) To give each other desserts
(b) To play volleyball together
(c) To lie about who they are
(d) To be silent in the presence of another

2. How common are the oyster shells?
(a) Somewhat rare
(b) Very rare
(c) Common only in Florida
(d) Very common

3. What best describes Anne's feelings towards middle age?
(a) Depression
(b) Acceptence and regret
(c) Happiness
(d) Optimism

4. What does Anne believe is not her responsibility to do?
(a) To raise her grandchildren
(b) Embrace the entire world
(c) To visit the sick
(d) To help her neighbors

5. What does the author say a woman is full of?
(a) Love and hate
(b) Ambiguity and contradiction
(c) Peace and chaos
(d) Order and serenity

6. How does the freedom of being a whole person effect a relationship?
(a) It makes a relationship stormy
(b) The role of the person adds a different facet
(c) It causes equality in a relationship
(d) It usually breaks up a marriage

7. How are the bonds of marriage formed?
(a) Watching television together
(b) Having children
(c) Having a great love life
(d) Working to achieve their united goals

8. How does society deal with middle/late age?
(a) Ignores it
(b) Condemns it
(c) Fears it
(d) Makes fun of it

9. What does the author say acceptance of pain as growth potential do?
(a) Will grant peace
(b) Will give happiness
(c) Will enable growth faster
(d) Will make the clock less significant

10. What does Anne believe space around an object can do?
(a) Make it look odd
(b) Be very dark
(c) Make it more special
(d) Keep people from touching it

11. How does Anne feel as she leaves the sea?
(a) Happy
(b) Tired but peaceful
(c) Nostalgia is already setting in
(d) Tushed she has to get home

12. How does she relate time to the dance?
(a) Dancing hard is hanging onto the past
(b) Dancing apart is walking in different times
(c) Clinging to a step is the past, going too fast is the future
(d) Not dancing is being in the now

13. Who comes to visit Anne at the cottage?
(a) Her sister
(b) Her husband
(c) Her lover
(d) Her children

14. What is the relationship of the Argonauta to its shell?
(a) It is not attached to its shell
(b) It is the same shape as its shell
(c) It doesn't have a shell
(d) It is the same color as its shell

15. By middle age, what does Anne assert most couples are doing?
(a) Getting ready to start a new career
(b) Quit the struggle for a place in the world
(c) Waiting for grandchildren
(d) Getting bored with each other

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the visit effect Anne's path?

2. What does age bring with it, according to the author?

3. What does the mother Argonauta do with her shell after the babies hatch?

4. What does Anne believe concentrating on the world's problems might do to someone?

5. What does she want to relate to her city life from the beach?

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