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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Anne compare saying good-bye?
(a) An amputation
(b) A happy moment
(c) A sad moment
(d) A necessary moment

2. To what does the author compare the inner point of the moon shell?
(a) Pregnancy
(b) The circle of life
(c) A marriage ring
(d) To a pupil of the eye

3. Why is less time spent caring for the home now possible?
(a) Men help
(b) A myriad inventions
(c) Smaller families
(d) Smaller houses

4. What does Anne become one with?
(a) The rhythms of the sea
(b) The sand
(c) The people around her
(d) The sun

5. What happens to the pencils she carries?
(a) The leads break
(b) They get dull from use
(c) They get wet and don't work well
(d) She loses them

6. What would happen if one chose to embrace one-and-only moments all the time?
(a) It would be frustrating
(b) It would get boring
(c) There's be no room for others
(d) It would be too chaotic

7. How does the author think one's true identity is found?
(a) Meditation
(b) Having goals
(c) By losing oneself
(d) By giving of oneself

8. What does the author stress about day to day living?
(a) It can be wonderful all the time
(b) It's work and life is not a beach
(c) It is boring
(d) With the right attitude, it's fun

9. What kind of experience does the author say being alone was for her?
(a) Happy
(b) Lonely
(c) Peaceful
(d) Painful

10. What does living life an on island do for the author's thoughts?
(a) Gives them more depth
(b) Strengthens thoughts on solitude
(c) Sends them away
(d) Makes her think in esoteric ways

11. What is a moon shell?
(a) A cresent shaped shell
(b) A shell found on the full moon
(c) A shell that makes one depressed
(d) A snail's shell that has a symmetrical face

12. What does the author say gets in the way of simplification?
(a) Computers
(b) Television
(c) All the details of daily living
(d) Illness

13. What complicates a pure relationship?
(a) Children
(b) Religion
(c) Work
(d) Contact with the world

14. Who does Anne use as an example of the simple life?
(a) Her sister
(b) Modern art
(c) Nuns and monks
(d) Children in an orphanage

15. What about the author's life makes it more difficult to achieve simplicity?
(a) Her life is subject to public scrutiny
(b) Her husband is unfaithful
(c) She has to work
(d) She has too many children

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the author's ambitions for the days to come?

2. How does Anne feel about her roles in life?

3. Who does Anne Lindbergh believe has helped shape her life?

4. What is Anne afraid of when she is alone and feeling peaceful?

5. What allows a person to give of oneself?

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