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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anne become one with?
(a) The sun
(b) The rhythms of the sea
(c) The sand
(d) The people around her

2. To what does the author equate shedding insincerity?
(a) Facing the morning sun
(b) Taking off a mask
(c) Breathing deeply
(d) Being holy

3. What does the author believe people are designed to do?
(a) Seek companionship and acceptance
(b) Have a purpose
(c) Have children
(d) Make money

4. What pains and amuses the author about married women and the church?
(a) They don't have time for church
(b) They have to sit with their husbands
(c) Married women are rarely canonized
(d) They can't become priests

5. What happens to the pencils she carries?
(a) They get dull from use
(b) They get wet and don't work well
(c) She loses them
(d) The leads break

6. What removes the desire to think or read within Anne?
(a) The solitude and serenity of the ocean
(b) The nice people around her
(c) The sun making her sleepy
(d) The exercise from swimming

7. What does the state of ease allow?
(a) For her to sleep
(b) For her to talk to others
(c) Her to focus on inner thoughts and observations
(d) For her to relax

8. What is Anne's main goal?
(a) To obtain peace
(b) To obtain enlightenment
(c) To be rich
(d) To publish a lot of books

9. To what does the author compare the inner point of the moon shell?
(a) To a pupil of the eye
(b) A marriage ring
(c) Pregnancy
(d) The circle of life

10. What does Anne wishes she could do with the cottage?
(a) Change the kitchen sink
(b) Remodel it
(c) Paint the rooms
(d) Take it home with her

11. What does Anne believe is possible at the beach as far as shelter is concerned?
(a) It has to have a comfortable bed
(b) A simple shelter is adequate
(c) One needs no shelter
(d) A beautiful shelter is necessary for peace

12. What does the author consider one of the most important techniques for living?
(a) Pray
(b) Eating well
(c) Simplification
(d) Breathing

13. What should women do with some of the time freed up in modern times?
(a) Work
(b) Have a hobby
(c) Volunteer
(d) Use it to feed and nourish the center

14. What does multiplicity in life lead to, according to the author?
(a) Being tired all the time
(b) Anger
(c) An interesting life
(d) Fragmentation

15. To what does Anne compare saying good-bye?
(a) A necessary moment
(b) A sad moment
(c) A happy moment
(d) An amputation

Short Answer Questions

1. When does one go wrong in desiring love, according to the author?

2. What does the author believe most people need?

3. From where does the author realize her answers must come?

4. What does the author stress about day to day living?

5. The author compares to the channeled whelk to what of hers?

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