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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What casts a powerful spell on Anne?
(a) The sun
(b) The shells
(c) The sea
(d) The breeze

2. At the beginning of a relationship what kind of world exist for two people?
(a) An exciting world
(b) A
(c) A happier world
(d) A wider world

3. At the beach, what is the first thing the author changes about herself?
(a) She unplugs the telephone
(b) Her hair, she cuts it very short
(c) She quits taking showers
(d) Her clothing

4. What does the author say is required of an artist?
(a) To give of self in small drops
(b) To be patient
(c) To not care
(d) To be around a lot of people

5. What does the author say is required to obtain simplicity?
(a) Sacrifices
(b) No family
(c) Simple surroundings
(d) Being single

6. For how long will the author be doing the answer in question #1?
(a) A year
(b) Two weeks
(c) Three days
(d) Two months

7. How does the author think one's true identity is found?
(a) Having goals
(b) Meditation
(c) By losing oneself
(d) By giving of oneself

8. What kind of atmosphere between people does a beach create?
(a) Carefree
(b) Tense
(c) Shy
(d) Suspicious

9. To what does the author compare the inner point of the moon shell?
(a) Pregnancy
(b) To a pupil of the eye
(c) A marriage ring
(d) The circle of life

10. What does the author say the inner point of a moon shell does?
(a) Contains the meat
(b) Stares at her
(c) Changes colors
(d) Breaks easily

11. During the second week, what comes forth in Anne's mind?
(a) New paintings to do
(b) New knitting patterns
(c) Unconscious thoughts and dreams
(d) New book ideas

12. To whom will the sea not give its gifts?
(a) to criminals
(b) To the greedy or impatient
(c) To children who can't be still
(d) To men

13. What is a moon shell?
(a) A cresent shaped shell
(b) A shell found on the full moon
(c) A shell that makes one depressed
(d) A snail's shell that has a symmetrical face

14. What about the author's life makes it more difficult to achieve simplicity?
(a) Her life is subject to public scrutiny
(b) She has to work
(c) She has too many children
(d) Her husband is unfaithful

15. At the beach, what is the first step to achieving simplicity?
(a) Shed everything unnecessary
(b) Meditate an hour a day
(c) Wear a swim suit
(d) Fast with only liquids

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne believe is possible at the beach as far as shelter is concerned?

2. What does Anne become one with?

3. What does the author stress about day to day living?

4. What does she do with the books she has stashed in the bag?

5. What does multiplicity in life lead to, according to the author?

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