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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Men, says the author, has more opportunity at work than women to do what?
(a) Have an affair
(b) Earn money
(c) Giving himself creatively
(d) Talk to people

2. What allows a person to give of oneself?
(a) Being selfless
(b) Maintaining health
(c) Being a child
(d) Being a woman

3. What does the author say everyone wants out of love?
(a) To be faithful
(b) To be the only one loved by a person
(c) To be taken care of
(d) To not be bored

4. What kind of atmosphere between people does a beach create?
(a) Shy
(b) Tense
(c) Suspicious
(d) Carefree

5. According to the author, what happens to the original essence of a relationship?
(a) Gets buried under jealousy or insecurity
(b) Dies out from hormones
(c) Gets buried under the impediments of life
(d) Gets boring

6. Why does the author have to rush in the city?
(a) To take her children places
(b) To accomplish myriad tasks
(c) To get ahead
(d) To run her business

7. What about the author's life makes it more difficult to achieve simplicity?
(a) She has too many children
(b) Her husband is unfaithful
(c) She has to work
(d) Her life is subject to public scrutiny

8. What two actions does the author say are not acceptable paths to simplicity?
(a) Total renunciation or total acceptance of the world
(b) Having more than three children
(c) Being famous
(d) Becoming rich

9. What does the author say the inner point of a moon shell does?
(a) Breaks easily
(b) Changes colors
(c) Stares at her
(d) Contains the meat

10. Why is less time spent caring for the home now possible?
(a) Men help
(b) Smaller houses
(c) Smaller families
(d) A myriad inventions

11. From where does the author realize her answers must come?
(a) Her husband
(b) Her mother
(c) Within herself
(d) Her sister

12. What does multiplicity in life lead to, according to the author?
(a) Being tired all the time
(b) Anger
(c) An interesting life
(d) Fragmentation

13. What removes the desire to think or read within Anne?
(a) The solitude and serenity of the ocean
(b) The nice people around her
(c) The exercise from swimming
(d) The sun making her sleepy

14. What should women do with some of the time freed up in modern times?
(a) Have a hobby
(b) Use it to feed and nourish the center
(c) Work
(d) Volunteer

15. How do the author feel about clearing her mind and focusing solely on the sea?
(a) She thinks she has to do it
(b) It is easy
(c) She doesn't want to do it
(d) It is a difficult task

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author say is required of an artist?

2. How does the author see the architecture of the channeled whelk?

3. To what does the author equate shedding insincerity?

4. How does the author view being alone for two weeks?

5. What does residing by the sea do for the author?

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