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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the pencils she carries?
(a) They get wet and don't work well
(b) They get dull from use
(c) She loses them
(d) The leads break

2. What two actions does the author say are not acceptable paths to simplicity?
(a) Having more than three children
(b) Being famous
(c) Becoming rich
(d) Total renunciation or total acceptance of the world

3. How do people smile at the beach?
(a) Like children
(b) Carefully
(c) Slyly
(d) They don't, too sandy with the wind

4. How does Anne feel about her roles in life?
(a) She is indifferent to them
(b) She resents them
(c) They bore her
(d) She deeply desires to maintain them

5. What does the state of ease allow?
(a) Her to focus on inner thoughts and observations
(b) For her to talk to others
(c) For her to sleep
(d) For her to relax

6. What kind of experience does the author say being alone was for her?
(a) Happy
(b) Peaceful
(c) Lonely
(d) Painful

7. What does living life an on island do for the author's thoughts?
(a) Strengthens thoughts on solitude
(b) Gives them more depth
(c) Makes her think in esoteric ways
(d) Sends them away

8. To whom will the sea not give its gifts?
(a) to criminals
(b) To the greedy or impatient
(c) To children who can't be still
(d) To men

9. What does the author say the inner point of a moon shell does?
(a) Contains the meat
(b) Stares at her
(c) Changes colors
(d) Breaks easily

10. What is the author doing at the beginning of the book?
(a) Visiting her children
(b) Moving to Europe
(c) Taking a vacation
(d) Getting married

11. How does the author view being alone for two weeks?
(a) As a wonderful vacation
(b) As boring
(c) As a spiritual step to sainthood
(d) It presents a challenge

12. What does the spell in question #18 do to Anne?
(a) Makes her invent things
(b) Gives her great ideas for books to write
(c) Gives her the ability to talk to those around her
(d) Revives the dormant ability to relax

13. Why does the author have to rush in the city?
(a) To take her children places
(b) To run her business
(c) To get ahead
(d) To accomplish myriad tasks

14. How long does it take Anne to slip into a state of ease?
(a) A few hours
(b) A few days
(c) The entire vacation
(d) A week

15. Why is a pure relationship not to be desired?
(a) It doesn't last
(b) It gets boring
(c) It is too frustrating
(d) It is limited

Short Answer Questions

1. What pains and amuses the author about married women and the church?

2. What kind of container does she carry to the beach everyday?

3. What does the author say about one and only moments in a relationship?

4. What does the author say gets in the way of simplification?

5. What is Anne's main goal?

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