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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Moon Shell.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What pains and amuses the author about married women and the church?
(a) They have to sit with their husbands
(b) They don't have time for church
(c) Married women are rarely canonized
(d) They can't become priests

2. What does the state of ease allow?
(a) For her to relax
(b) For her to sleep
(c) For her to talk to others
(d) Her to focus on inner thoughts and observations

3. What does the author seek to do at the sea?
(a) Meet a man
(b) Get a tan
(c) Lose weight
(d) Free herself from the demands of city life

4. What does Anne believe is possible at the beach as far as shelter is concerned?
(a) A simple shelter is adequate
(b) It has to have a comfortable bed
(c) One needs no shelter
(d) A beautiful shelter is necessary for peace

5. The author compares to the channeled whelk to what of hers?
(a) The shape of her life
(b) Her family ties
(c) Her pendant
(d) The design on her watchband

Short Answer Questions

1. What allows a person to give of oneself?

2. What does she do with the books she has stashed in the bag?

3. Why does she believe people seek meaningless activities when there's nothing to do?

4. What happens to the pencils she carries?

5. What does living life an on island do for the author's thoughts?

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