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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Oyster Bed.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the beginning of a marriage the author says there's little time to do what?
(a) To have vacations
(b) To simply enjoy the life being built
(c) To have children
(d) To travel

2. At the beach, what is the first step to achieving simplicity?
(a) Fast with only liquids
(b) Meditate an hour a day
(c) Shed everything unnecessary
(d) Wear a swim suit

3. What about the author's life makes it more difficult to achieve simplicity?
(a) She has too many children
(b) Her husband is unfaithful
(c) She has to work
(d) Her life is subject to public scrutiny

4. At the beach, what is the first thing the author changes about herself?
(a) She quits taking showers
(b) She unplugs the telephone
(c) Her hair, she cuts it very short
(d) Her clothing

5. How do people smile at the beach?
(a) Like children
(b) They don't, too sandy with the wind
(c) Slyly
(d) Carefully

Short Answer Questions

1. What does residing by the sea do for the author?

2. What does the author consider one of the most important techniques for living?

3. The author asserts that to expect duration in one's life and relationships is what?

4. What kind of container does she carry to the beach everyday?

5. How does the author view being alone for two weeks?

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