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Anthony Lewis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can be said about Gideon in that he stuck to the process of filing an appeal?
(a) Tenacious.
(b) Affable.
(c) Evasive.
(d) Impudent.

2. What does Abe Fortas think would be the best way for the Justices to understand Gideon's case?
(a) They should go to criminal court and watch a defendant try to defend himself.
(b) They should listen to interviews of inmates.
(c) They should read Gideon's trial transcripts.
(d) They should talk to local judges.

3. What amazes Jacob about appearing in the Supreme Court?
(a) The courtroom cameras.
(b) The huge number of people present.
(c) The quality of the furniture.
(d) The informality of the proceedings.

4. Attorneys should view questions as _______________________.
(a) Opportunities to persuade.
(b) Necessary evils.
(c) Formalities to be endured.
(d) Learning experiences.

5. Gideon is perceived to be intelligent but ______________.
(a) Uneducated.
(b) Immoral.
(c) Lazy.
(d) Shifty.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Justice makes the point that all the prisoners currently jailed without counsel were entitled to an attorney ________________________.

2. Who writes a legal brief in support of Gideon after Walter Mondale's letter is circulated?

3. Which of the following is true of Jacobs prior to the Supreme Court case?

4. Immediately following Gideon's case, how many cases does the Supreme Court send back to the Florida State Supreme Court ordering it to reconsider those cases in light of Gideon vs. Wainwright?

5. The Supreme Court Justices are aware that many of the cases they hear are the result of __________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What could be the reason that the Supreme Court Justices selected Fortas to represent Gideon?

2. What change on the Supreme Court bench seems fortunate for Gideon's case?

3. What are a couple reasons that the Supreme Court works so well in terms of independent thinking?

4. What is the premise of the brief written by George D. Mentz of the Alabama Attorney General's office which supports Jacob's case?

5. What is State Judge Walter V. Schaefer's reasoning on why the right to an attorney is greater than all other rights?

6. Compare and contrast the legal resources for Jacob representing states' rights and Fortas representing just one man.

7. What is the author's reply to those who may question whether a case like Gideon's should be managed through legislation or allowed to proceed to the Supreme Court?

8. What form of support does Jacob get to help him defend the state position in the trial?

9. What is Jacob's opinion on the retroactive element of any law which may evolve from Gideon's Supreme Court case?

10. What is the impact of the Gideon ruling regarding getting support for attorneys who are appointed to criminal cases?

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