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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hans Olsa ride out to his third quarter in the middle of a snowstorm?

2. When do the men realize they must make a trip for more wood in Book 2, Chapter 1?

3. Whose house does Per Hansa come upon after he is lost in the blizzard with his oxen?

4. Who comes to ask Per Hansa if he will make the trip to find the minister?

5. What has Per Hansa had to do because of the growth of his farm?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the author's success in realistically displaying pioneer life in the mid 1800s. Are there any parts of pioneer life that the author did not discuss? What does this novel teach us about the trials of pioneer life? What do the characters teach us about the value of life and following our dreams?

Essay Topic 2

Moving out West and living on the prairie, there are bound to be interactions between Indians and settlers. At times, these can be negative interactions, but there are positive interactions. Do the settlers of Spring Creek have any interaction with the Indians in the novel? Describe these interactions. How do the settlers get along with the Indians? Do you think this was typical of the time? Provide examples of the interactions between settlers and Indians in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Isolation and loneliness are important parts of the novel especially in the beginning when the settlers first come to the place where they will live. Discuss the themes of isolation and loneliness in the novel. How are they exhibited in the novel? Are they experienced by any specific characters or are they a universal feeling? How would these themes affect a pioneer family? Provide examples from the book.

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