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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 2 The Power of Evil in High Places.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Per Hansa find when he goes to check on Beret after harvesting the wheat?
(a) She has run away with the children.
(b) She has made a large supper.
(c) She has burned the house down.
(d) She has barricaded the door.

2. Why does Beret tell Per Hansa that it does no good to cry?
(a) Crying doesn't accomplish anything.
(b) It will make everyone else upset too.
(c) There is no one in the place to hear him.
(d) It will set a bad example for the children.

3. Who gives the new Norwegian settlers a tour of Spring Creek?
(a) Ola.
(b) Beret.
(c) Kjersti.
(d) Tonseten.

4. What task does Per Hansa give to Ola when he returns from town in Book 1, Chapter 5?
(a) To chop wood.
(b) To hunt for bears.
(c) To knit the net.
(d) To feed the horse.

5. What animal does Tonseten say he manages to hunt and kill using his crowbar?
(a) A duck.
(b) A deer.
(c) A coyote.
(d) A bear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the men have to take a trip to town in the beginning of Book 1, Chapter 3?

2. Who does Per Hansa send down to the creek to look for the missing cows?

3. Who helps Per Hansa clean the sick Indian's injury?

4. How much does the Tronder woman charge Per Hansa for borrowing her bull for a year?

5. What day is it when Ola and Store-Hans come to tell their father that the seeds have sprouted?

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