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Book 1, Chapter 1 Toward the Sunset

• The novel opens with the Hansa family traveling from Filmore County, Minnesota, to Dakota Territory to start a new life and farm and stake claim to land in the territory.

• The family consists of Per, the father; Beret, the mother; Olemand (Ola) the oldest son; Hans Kristian (Store-Hans), the youngest son; and Anna Marie (And-Ongen), the youngest child and only daughter.

• Per Hansa and his family are traveling alone as their wagon needed repairs and he insisted that the others in his group, three other families, travel on ahead.

• Per has now lost sight of their trail and the family is lost in the tall grass.

• Beret Hansa, Per's wife, did not want to come on the journey in the first place, and now she is very upset and unsettled because she knows they are lost, even though Per doesn't verbally reveal this...

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