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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Regina fan herself with?
(a) A hankerchief
(b) A flyer
(c) A magazine
(d) A fan

2. When does Mrs. Alving say Engstrand is a good worker?
(a) When he is offered a lot of money
(b) After midnight
(c) After he has had a woman
(d) When he is sober

3. What is Mr. Alving's Court title?
(a) Chamberlain
(b) Captain
(c) Senator
(d) Judge

4. Where does Engstrand say he can get a house?
(a) Oslo Road
(b) Fjord Street
(c) Park Lane
(d) Little Harbour Street

5. Which of the following cities has Oswald lived in?
(a) Lisbon
(b) Rome
(c) Florence
(d) Madrid

Short Answer Questions

1. What city did Oswald travel from?

2. What part of Norway does the play take place?

3. What does Manders say Regina's father needs?

4. Where is Regina going to work?

5. What does Mrs. Alving say her and Manders are?

Short Essay Questions

1. What disaster happens at the end of the act?

2. Why does Mrs. Alving think Engstrand married Joanna?

3. Why did Mrs. Alving send Oswald to school at such an early age?

4. Why did Mrs. Alving never tell Oswald about the person his father really was?

5. Why does Oswald say he is not shocked about the revelation about his father?

6. Why is Manders so angry with Engstrand?

7. What was Mrs. Alving and Manders' relationship while Mr. Alving was alive?

8. Why did Manders send Mrs. Alving back when she ran to him?

9. Why is Mrs. Alving building a memorial?

10. Why is Manders unsure whether he can help fund Engstrands new business?

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