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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Engstrand call the children Regina has to look after?
(a) Rug rats
(b) Dirty brats
(c) Petty toddlers
(d) Nasty rats

2. What city did Oswald travel from?
(a) Berlin
(b) London
(c) Paris
(d) Prague

3. What caught fire in the carpenter's shop?
(a) A wooden beam
(b) A door
(c) Wood shavings
(d) A table

4. What derogatory word does Engstrand call Regina?
(a) Cow
(b) Hussy
(c) Whore
(d) Bitch

5. What does Mrs. Alving say her and Manders are?
(a) Young
(b) Old
(c) Human
(d) Educated

6. How is Engstrand getting home?
(a) By boat
(b) By walk
(c) By bicycle
(d) By car

7. Who does Engstrand want to take home with him?
(a) Aline
(b) Regina
(c) Kaia
(d) Sanders

8. Where does Regina say she would like to live?
(a) In a city
(b) In the town
(c) Near the sea
(d) In a village

9. What does Manders say Engstrand comes to him like?
(a) A frail old man
(b) A beggar
(c) A wounded dog
(d) A helpless child

10. What does Manders take out of the envelope?
(a) The deeds
(b) A birthday card
(c) Cash
(d) A check

11. What does Regina fan herself with?
(a) A flyer
(b) A magazine
(c) A hankerchief
(d) A fan

12. Who does Mrs. Alving say Oswald has a corner in his heart for?
(a) His dog
(b) His sister
(c) His mother
(d) Norway

13. What does Oswald remember his father allowing him to do?
(a) Smoke a pipe
(b) Take drugs
(c) Eat chillies
(d) Drink coffee

14. What opens the next day?
(a) An orphanage
(b) A school
(c) A supermarket
(d) A restaurant

15. When does Mrs. Alving say Engstrand is a good worker?
(a) When he is sober
(b) After he has had a woman
(c) After midnight
(d) When he is offered a lot of money

Short Answer Questions

1. What is under the sole of Engstrand's book?

2. Who do they hear come downstairs?

3. What is Engstrand making an effort to do?

4. How does Engstrand say he is related to Regina?

5. What does Regina say she has been brought up to be?

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