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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will Regina have plenty of if she goes to live with Engstrand?
(a) Food
(b) Jewelry
(c) Shoes
(d) Dresses

2. What does Manders say Regina's father needs?
(a) Someone to cling to
(b) Someone to nurse him
(c) Someone to laugh with
(d) Someone to talk to

3. What part of Norway does the play take place?
(a) Western Norway
(b) Northern Norway
(c) Southern Norway
(d) Eastern Norway

4. What does Manders take out of the envelope?
(a) The deeds
(b) A birthday card
(c) A check
(d) Cash

5. What is under the sole of Engstrand's book?
(a) A piece of plastic
(b) Some money
(c) A cat's tail
(d) A piece of wood

6. What is Oswald smoking?
(a) A cigar
(b) A joint
(c) A pipe
(d) A cigarette

7. What is on top of the round table?
(a) Plates and cutlery
(b) Glasses and napkins
(c) Books and magazines
(d) A baby's cot

8. What kind of person does Regina not want to marry?
(a) Sailors
(b) Lawyers
(c) Woodcutters
(d) Doctors

9. What has Mr. Manders left at the village shop?
(a) His luggage
(b) His passport
(c) His wife
(d) His business papers

10. What does Regina say she has been brought up to be?
(a) A spinster
(b) A servant
(c) A maiden
(d) A lady

11. What does Mrs. Alving say Manders always is?
(a) Punctual
(b) Smart
(c) Happy
(d) Funny

12. What city did Oswald travel from?
(a) London
(b) Paris
(c) Berlin
(d) Prague

13. What opens the next day?
(a) A supermarket
(b) A restaurant
(c) An orphanage
(d) A school

14. What is Engstrand making an effort to do?
(a) Get together with his daughter
(b) Stop drinking
(c) Attend church
(d) Live a blameless life

15. How is Engstrand getting home?
(a) By walk
(b) By car
(c) By bicycle
(d) By boat

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Engstrand say he is related to Regina?

2. What does Regina fan herself with?

3. Where did Manders hear that Oswald was back?

4. Where is Manders going to sleep?

5. What does Maders think is rampant in artistic circles?

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