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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Regina say she has been brought up to be?
(a) A servant
(b) A lady
(c) A spinster
(d) A maiden

2. What does Manders say Regina's father does not have?
(a) A good spirit
(b) A strong body
(c) A strong character
(d) A lively soul

3. What does Maders think is rampant in artistic circles?
(a) Morality
(b) Immorality
(c) Fun living
(d) Murder

4. What is on top of the round table?
(a) Books and magazines
(b) Glasses and napkins
(c) A baby's cot
(d) Plates and cutlery

5. Where did Manders hear that Oswald was back?
(a) The market
(b) The theater
(c) The cinema
(d) The pier

6. Which of the following cities has Oswald lived in?
(a) Lisbon
(b) Madrid
(c) Rome
(d) Florence

7. Where did the fire start?
(a) The drinking house
(b) The baker's
(c) The butcher's
(d) The carpenter's

8. How does Engstrand say he is related to Regina?
(a) Her second cousin
(b) Her brother
(c) Her uncle
(d) Her father

9. Why does Regina not want Engstrand to clump about?
(a) She wants to listen to the radio
(b) The young master is asleep
(c) It sounds horrible
(d) She has a headache

10. What is Mr. Alving's Court title?
(a) Chamberlain
(b) Senator
(c) Judge
(d) Captain

11. Who is trying to prevent Engsrand from entering the house?
(a) Regina
(b) Laurel
(c) Kaia
(d) Denise

12. What kind of person does Regina not want to marry?
(a) Woodcutters
(b) Doctors
(c) Lawyers
(d) Sailors

13. What caught fire in the carpenter's shop?
(a) Wood shavings
(b) A door
(c) A table
(d) A wooden beam

14. What does Manders carry in his hand?
(a) An umbrella
(b) A hat
(c) A walking stick
(d) A suitcase

15. What is under the sole of Engstrand's book?
(a) Some money
(b) A piece of plastic
(c) A cat's tail
(d) A piece of wood

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Oswald's job?

2. Who does Mrs. Alving say Oswald has a corner in his heart for?

3. Who do they hear come downstairs?

4. What does Regina ask Engstrand to stop doing?

5. What does Manders say he disapproves of?

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