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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Mrs. Alving say Oswald has a corner in his heart for?
(a) His dog
(b) His mother
(c) Norway
(d) His sister

2. What does Manders say Engstrand comes to him like?
(a) A helpless child
(b) A beggar
(c) A frail old man
(d) A wounded dog

3. What is Oswald's job?
(a) A journalist
(b) A writer
(c) A lawyer
(d) A painter

4. What does Mrs. Alving say Manders always is?
(a) Smart
(b) Happy
(c) Funny
(d) Punctual

5. What does Engstrand call the children Regina has to look after?
(a) Nasty rats
(b) Dirty brats
(c) Petty toddlers
(d) Rug rats

6. What does Manders say Regina's father needs?
(a) Someone to laugh with
(b) Someone to nurse him
(c) Someone to talk to
(d) Someone to cling to

7. What derogatory word does Engstrand call Regina?
(a) Hussy
(b) Whore
(c) Cow
(d) Bitch

8. Who does Engstrand want to take home with him?
(a) Regina
(b) Kaia
(c) Aline
(d) Sanders

9. What does Mrs. Alving say her and Manders are?
(a) Educated
(b) Old
(c) Young
(d) Human

10. How can Engstrand prove he is Regina's father?
(a) Through the register
(b) Through her mother
(c) Through a blood test
(d) Through witnesses

11. What does Manders say Regina's father does not have?
(a) A good spirit
(b) A lively soul
(c) A strong character
(d) A strong body

12. What is Engstrand thinking of putting money into?
(a) A drinking house
(b) A hotel
(c) An orphanage
(d) An eating house

13. What is Engstrand's first name?
(a) Jacob
(b) Daniel
(c) Henrik
(d) John

14. Where is the Orphanage attracting a great deal of attention?
(a) Abroad
(b) In the government
(c) In the city
(d) In the town

15. Who does Manders say thinks little about farmers?
(a) Townfolk
(b) Cityfolk
(c) Rich people
(d) Poor people

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Mrs. Alving say Engstrand is a good worker?

2. Why does Regina not like living away from the town?

3. What does Mrs. Alving say Engstrand is careless with?

4. What kind of person does Regina not want to marry?

5. What does Regina fan herself with?

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