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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maders say Oswald has not many of?
(a) Women
(b) Ideals
(c) Principles
(d) Scruples

2. What kind of person does Regina not want to marry?
(a) Sailors
(b) Doctors
(c) Woodcutters
(d) Lawyers

3. Why does Regina not like living away from the town?
(a) There are no interesting people
(b) It is distracting
(c) It is too cold
(d) It is lonely

4. What does Engstrand ask Manders to grant him?
(a) To pardon him
(b) Regina's hand in marriage
(c) The help of his daughter
(d) To ask him a question

5. What drink does Regina say she hopes to one day be drinking with gentlefolk?
(a) Pinot
(b) Whiskey
(c) Champagne
(d) Beer

Short Answer Questions

1. What is under the sole of Engstrand's book?

2. What does Manders carry in his hand?

3. What kind of feeling does Mrs. Arving say she got when she looked at Oswald's father?

4. Why does Mrs. Alving want the Pastor to take away the Orphanage paperwork?

5. What does Manders say Regina's father does not have?

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