Ghosts Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Helena Alving - She loses her connection with conventional morality. She feels that social convention is false, and that she can put pretense behind her when she distances herself from Captain Alving's memory after naming the orphanage after him.

Oswald Alving - He has been living in Paris, where his work as an painter has been successful enough to earn coverage in the local Norwegian papers.

Jacob Engstrand - In some ways, he is the mirror image of the late Captain Alving. Both men are drinkers and opportunists, willing to lie to secure their good names in society.

Regina Engstrand - During the course of this play, her character changes from that of the doting servant who is in love with the master of the house to that of a cold manipulator.

Pastor Manders - He speaks for conventional morality, even though he does not...

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