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Act 1

• Jakob Engstrand is at the door to the Alving's house, talking to his daughter Regina. Regina is the maid at the Alving's estate and will not let her father in.

• Jakob tells her that he wants her to live with him town. Together they can open an eating house for sailors.

• Regina does not appreciate his suggestion and repeats that she wants him to leave. She says she is happy staying on as the Alving's maid. Engstrand exits the scene as Pastor Manders arrives.

• The pastor chats with Regina. He suggests that she should go to work for her father like a good daughter. He says Engstrand is a good man.

• Mrs. Alving enters the scene and Regina leaves. The pastor questions Mrs Alving's tastes in books. He thinks her tastes are too liberal.

• Mrs. Alving looks over the deeds for the orphanage. The pastor advises that...

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