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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John Ellis call Rebecca?
(a) "Rebecca Stupid Face."
(b) "Rebecca the Smart."
(c) "Rebecca the Beautiful."
(d) "Rebecca Doppelganger."

2. Who gave Enid "Goofie Gus"?
(a) John Mathers.
(b) Joe Smith.
(c) Matt Wilson.
(d) David Lipton.

3. After making fun of Melorra's commercial, what does Rebecca ask Enid about her garage sale?
(a) How much money she made.
(b) If it was easy.
(c) If she'll do it again.
(d) If it was fun.

4. Why does Enid refuse to sell "Goofie Gus" to the man who wants to buy it?
(a) She changed her mind.
(b) She thinks the man is a jerk.
(c) It is a lemon.
(d) The man tried to steal it.

5. At Angels, the cashier claims the Satanist couple are what?
(a) Rude.
(b) Nice people.
(c) Wealthy.
(d) Satanists.

Short Answer Questions

1. The same night Enid makes fun of Rebecca's trendy magazine, Rebecca accuses Enid of wanting to do what with John Ellis?

2. On the night Enid mocks Rebecca for owning a trendy magazine, a televised comedian makes what type of jokes?

3. What did Bob Skeetes buy at the garage sale?

4. What does Enid think of the customer who also fantasizes about the Satanist couple?

5. At Angels, what are the Satanists carrying the night Enid notices them for the first time?

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