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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Captain Bert Bank's fellow Americans have to carry him semi-conscious for six hours?
(a) He had been stabbed in the back.
(b) He had been knocked unconscious.
(c) He had had a finger cut off.
(d) He had a deep gash in his head.

2. General Homma foresaw that American prisoners would need to move from Bataan. How many prisoners did he estimate would need evacuation?
(a) 40,000 prisoners.
(b) 100,000 prisoners.
(c) 25,000 prisoners.
(d) 60,000 prisoners.

3. Who rode at the head of the column of Rangers?
(a) Colonel Mucci.
(b) First Lieutenant Lueddeke.
(c) Captain Prince.
(d) Ranger Dykes.

4. What was at the rear of the soldiers who were trying to flee to Mariveles?
(a) The Pacific Sea.
(b) The Sulu Sea.
(c) The Philippine Sea.
(d) The South China Sea.

5. Where were the Rangers encamped on January 28, 1945?
(a) Calasio.
(b) Alcala.
(c) Rosales.
(d) Sison.

6. Who waded upon the shores of Luzon two days after Eugene Nielsen related the story of the massacre?
(a) Admiral Chester Nimitz.
(b) General George S. Patton.
(c) Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery.
(d) General Douglas MacArthur.

7. What was Dr. Ralph Emerson Hibbs's rank?
(a) Lieutenant Major.
(b) Major.
(c) Lieutenant.
(d) Captain.

8. Who was in charge of the Japanese forces that were retreating in January of 1945?
(a) General Saeda.
(b) General Goto.
(c) General Yagasaki.
(d) General Yamashita.

9. Who commanded the Japanese Fourteenth Imperial Army?
(a) General Tomoyuki Yamashita.
(b) Lieutenant General Fumio Saeki.
(c) Lieutenant General Katzutsugu Dobashi.
(d) General Keisuke Fujie.

10. Who was the commander of the U.S. Sixth Army in January of 1945?
(a) General Curtis LeMay.
(b) General Henry Arnold.
(c) General Holland Smith.
(d) General Walter Krueger.

11. From where did General MacArthur direct the action after the December attack by the Japanese?
(a) A bunker under Manilla.
(b) A bunker inside Corregidor.
(c) A bunker under Luzon.
(d) A bunker on the Bataan peninsula.

12. Where was the last survivor of the massacre at Puerto Princesa found?
(a) Washed up on the far shore.
(b) Clinging to a Filipino fish trap in the bay.
(c) Clinging to driftwood.
(d) Hiding in brush on the far shore.

13. Where did the trains take prisoners?
(a) Mabalacat.
(b) Concepcion.
(c) Tarlac City.
(d) Capas.

14. What was the ward called where they placed critically ill patients at Camp O'Donnell?
(a) Death Ward.
(b) Zero Ward.
(c) Death Row.
(d) St. Peter's Ward.

15. How many Filipinos had fought on Bataan at the time of the surrender to the Japanese?
(a) 65,000 Filipinos.
(b) 72,000 Filipinos.
(c) 75,000 Filipinos.
(d) 68,000 Filipinos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of food was a monkey scrambling over on January 28, 1945?

2. What time did an air raid signal sound on December 14?

3. How old were many of the Japanese soldiers guarding Abie Abraham and his comrades?

4. What was the name of the monkey brought from the Philippines from New Guinea?

5. At Puerto Princesa Prison Camp, what indicates that an air raid was imminent?

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