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Audrey Couloumbis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Noreen has called and wants to _________________.
(a) get a divorce.
(b) move to Charlotte.
(c) go shopping.
(d) see the girls.

2. Which of the following did Noreen NOT do all morning when Baby was sick?
(a) Read the paper.
(b) Fixed coffee.
(c) Watched TV.
(d) Worked out on the treadmill.

3. What had Aunt Patty done the night before that caused Willa Jo to become annoyed?
(a) She called her a little girl.
(b) She called around trying to find playmates for the girls.
(c) She wouldn't let her leave the table until she finished her carrots.
(d) She made her wear new pajamas with fairies on them.

4. What does Aunt Patty say to Willa Jo that lets her know she is fed up with her?
(a) Willa Jo doesn't have one cooperative bone in her body.
(b) Willa Jo should just get her shoes on and walk home.
(c) Willa Jo is the most anti-social child she has ever known.
(d) Willa Jo is a bad influence on Little Sister.

5. Why does Aunt Patty say she might introduce Tressa to Mrs. Finger?
(a) They both like to bake.
(b) They both are beautiful pianists.
(c) They both have so many boys.
(d) They both like to play cards.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Noreen say that she can see Baby's face?

2. Why did Uncle Hob stay with his grandfather that summer?

3. How is Noreen traveling to Aunt Patty's house?

4. Aunt Patty asks Willa Jo if Little Sister had drunk _________________ the day they went to the fair.

5. What reason does Little Sister give for staying on the roof so long?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Aunt Patty and Uncle Hob differ in their approaches to relating to the girls?

2. What behavior was Noreen exhibiting that showed her depression and why was Willa Jo happy that Aunt Patty arrived?

3. What recurring dream does Willa Jo have and what does she do upon waking?

4. What does Miss Pettibone do when Willa Jo says she is going to the drugstore to call Aunt Patty?

5. How does the author end the story on a hopeful note?

6. What lessons has Aunt Patty learned by having the girls with her for awhile?

7. What type of emotion does Aunt Patty show when she asks if Little Sister had drunk any of the water at the carnival?

8. What are Aunt Patty's laments regarding people's lack of appreciation for her?

9. Describe what happened in the house on the morning that Baby died.

10. What insight does Uncle Hob offer as to why Noreen is coming to get the girls?

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