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Audrey Couloumbis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What profession did Willa Jo's father, grandfathers and great-grandfathers have?
(a) Miner.
(b) Minister.
(c) Policeman.
(d) Chef.

2. What job does Elizabeth have?
(a) Washing dishes at the ice cream store.
(b) Babysitting.
(c) Working at the dime store.
(d) Selling snacks at the movie theater.

3. What are Willa Jo and Little Sister doing on the roof?
(a) Getting a suntan.
(b) Retrieving a ball.
(c) Rescuing a baby bird.
(d) Watching the sun.

4. Cynthia curtly tells Willa Jo that Aunt Patty could send the girls to ___________________ when she gets tired of them.
(a) Summer Camp.
(b) relatives far away.
(c) the Orphan's Home.
(d) boarding school.

5. Aunt Patty announces that the girls will be attending _______________________.
(a) the Girl Scouts.
(b) the Bible School Day Camp.
(c) the Y.M.C.A.
(d) the Raleigh Ballet performance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How can Cynthia best be described?

2. What is Cynthia's last name?

3. What does Elizabeth do when Willa Jo and Little Sister cry?

4. What issue concerns Patty about Noreen?

5. What can Willa Jo not tell her mother on the phone?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Miss Pettibone and why is she irritated with Little Sister?

2. What did Willa Jo and Little Sister's mother tell them about where Baby went?

3. Why are Aunt Patty's pleas for the girls to come down off the roof futile?

4. Who is Cynthia Wainwright and how do the girls meet her?

5. How does Liz respond to Aunt Patty who tries to make Liz feel bad by saying that her nieces associate with Cynthia Wainwright?

6. How does Little Sister communicate since she has stopped talking, and what does Aunt Patty think about it?

7. How does Aunt Patty react when Little Sister brings all the newts into the kitchen?

8. What act does Aunt Patty put on when Mrs. Teasley sees the girls on the roof?

9. How does Aunt Patty feel when she hears the girls tell their mother that they want to come home?

10. What is Willa Jo doing at the beginning of the book which irritates and frustrates her Aunt Patty?

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