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Audrey Couloumbis
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Cynthia's last name?
(a) Woerster.
(b) Wethersley.
(c) Wortham.
(d) Wainwright.

2. Aunt Patty tells Liz that Willa Jo and Little Sister have ____________________.
(a) lots of dresses.
(b) all the candy they want.
(c) big allowances.
(d) lots of friends.

3. Who is Aunt Penny's husband?
(a) Uncle Fred.
(b) Uncle Jack.
(c) Uncle Joe.
(d) Uncle Hob.

4. Mrs. Wainwright is president of which organization?
(a) The Raleigh Republicans Club.
(b) The North Carolina Historical Preservation Society.
(c) The Junior League of Raleigh.
(d) The Ladies Social League.

5. What are Liz and her brothers building for their mother?
(a) Flower boxes.
(b) A trellis for roses.
(c) A clothesline.
(d) A raised garden.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Elizabeth say that makes Willa Jo sob?

2. What store does Aunt Patty take the girls to that Willa Jo thinks is fantastic?

3. What are Willa Jo and Little Sister doing on the roof?

4. What job does Elizabeth have?

5. The girls' mother told Willa Jo and Little Sister that Baby _____________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How has Aunt Patty probably misjudged Liz Fingers?

2. What did Willa Jo and Little Sister's mother tell them about where Baby went?

3. Why does the trip to the chocolate store turn unpleasant for Willa Jo?

4. Describe how Cynthia Wainwright antagonizes the girls when she comes for a visit.

5. What are Willa Jo and Little Sister doing that makes Aunt Patty so upset and especially frustrated with Willa Jo?

6. How does Aunt Patty surprise Noreen and the girls one day while they are napping?

7. What is Willa Jo doing at the beginning of the book which irritates and frustrates her Aunt Patty?

8. How does Willa Jo override Miss Pettibone's authority by removing Little Sister from the threat of ticks during lunchtime?

9. How does Isaac befriend Little Sister?

10. How does Little Sister communicate since she has stopped talking, and what does Aunt Patty think about it?

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