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Audrey Couloumbis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Aunt Patty do when she finds Willa Jo, Little Sister and their mother napping in the afternoon?
(a) She pulls the shades so the room is darker.
(b) She tells them to get up and get dressed.
(c) She leaves so that she won't disturb them.
(d) She turns off the phone so it won't wake them.

2. Who is Aunt Penny's husband?
(a) Uncle Hob.
(b) Uncle Joe.
(c) Uncle Jack.
(d) Uncle Fred.

3. What has Little Sister not done since Baby died?
(a) Left the house.
(b) Entered Baby's room.
(c) Eaten.
(d) Talked.

4. How can Cynthia best be described?
(a) Generous.
(b) Spoiled brat.
(c) Quiet and shy.
(d) Friendly.

5. Aunt Patty tells Mrs. Biddle that Willa Jo is ____________________________.
(a) "not the brightest bulb in the box."
(b) "an angel among us."
(c) "a blessing."
(d) "the spawn of the devil."

6. How long have Willa Jo and Little Sister been at Aunt Patty's house?
(a) 3 weeks.
(b) 2 months.
(c) 5 days.
(d) 1 month.

7. Willa Jo and Little Sister are most worried about ___________________.
(a) going to heaven.
(b) keeping their clothes clean.
(c) their mother.
(d) their grades.

8. What game do Liz, Willa Jo and Little Sister play when Liz comes to visit?
(a) Hopscotch.
(b) Jacks.
(c) Candy Land.
(d) Dress-Up.

9. What is Willa Jo's reaction when Mrs. Biddle tells the girls that Aunt Patty is doing her best?
(a) She doesn't even flinch.
(b) She gets tears in her eyes.
(c) She says that her best isn't good enough.
(d) She agrees to come down off the roof.

10. How many times does Aunt Patty wash the kitchen floor after the creatures in #35 are removed?
(a) Ten times.
(b) Twice.
(c) Once.
(d) Five times.

11. Why must the girls enter the house through the garage?
(a) That door is always unlocked.
(b) Aunt Patty doesn't want her carpet to get dirty.
(c) They can hang up their coats in the garage.
(d) So they won't interrupt Aunt Patty's bridge club.

12. What is the excavation that Liz shows to Willa Jo and Little Sister?
(a) A treehouse.
(b) A cave.
(c) A big tent.
(d) An old fort.

13. Why doesn't Aunt Patty know much about children?
(a) She doesn't like them.
(b) Her baby died.
(c) She never had any.
(d) She can't stand noise.

14. What is Willa Jo's demeanor toward Aunt Patty?
(a) Loving.
(b) Obedient.
(c) Rebellious.
(d) Caring.

15. What did Willa Jo, Little Sister and their mother do after Baby's death to seem less lonely?
(a) They slept in the same bed.
(b) They had dinners with friends.
(c) They visited family members.
(d) They held hands all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Liz and her brothers building for their mother?

2. Which neighbor does Willa Jo see as she watches the sunrise?

3. What store does Aunt Patty take the girls to that Willa Jo thinks is fantastic?

4. What does Little Sister bring into the kitchen one day?

5. What did Aunt Patty do when she couldn't find Willa Jo and Little Sister?

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