Objects & Places from Getting Near to Baby

Audrey Couloumbis
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Raleigh, North Carolina

Most of the story in "Getting Near to Baby" takes place here.

Aunt Patty's Roof

In a defiant move, Willa Jo and Little Sister refuse to leave this spot and their aunt is appalled at their behavior.

Liz Finger's Excavation

She shows the girls the huge cave that she and her brothers are digging in their backyard.

Vacation Bible School

Willa Jo and Little Sister only last one day here, refusing to return because they were made to sit in the grass where they were attacked by ticks.


Noreen and Milly take Noreen's daughters to this event where the baby drinks contaminated water.

Piggly Wiggly

Aunt Patty takes the girls to the this grocery store where Little Sister knocks over a tower of pickle jars.


Noreen associates the death of her daughter with this time of day.

Noreen's Artwork

After Baby dies, Noreen...

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