Getting Near to Baby Character Descriptions

Audrey Couloumbis
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Willa Jo

She is a thirteen-year-old girl who has to be strong and brave for her fragile and grieving mother who is obsessed with painting pictures of her lost baby.

Aunt Patty

She travels to her sister's house to help when the sister's baby dies suddenly.

Little Sister

She is a seven-year-old girl who temporarily loses her ability to speak after her baby sister dies.


She is the mother of three girls who is grieving the loss of her youngest child.


She drank contaminated water at a carnival, was sick through the night and died in her mother's arms the next morning.

Uncle Hob

When Willa Jo and Little Sister are on his roof and refuse to come down, he gets dressed up, brings them food and drink and joins them.

Liz Finger

She is the oldest child of a family which lives across the street...

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