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Short Answer Questions

1. Is Argantes killed?

2. Why does Tancred volunteer his squire, Valfrine, as a spy?

3. What happens to all of Soliman's sons?

4. Why does Valfrine court some of Armida's maids?

5. Godfrey and most of the other Crusaders accept Renaldo's repentance, but Peter tells him he needs to do what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Hermit and Boat Woman put an interesting twist on this examination of Christianity.

Part 1) Describe these two characters and their roles in this story.

Part 2) How do they put an interesting twist on this examination? How does this contrast other aspects of the poem?

Part 3) Why do these characters exist in the story? What purpose do they serve? What do these characters reveal about the poet and readers of his day?

Essay Topic 2

A theme relates to woman as a distraction.

Part 1) How are women distractions in this poem?

Part 2) How is this thematic?

Part 3) What does this reveal about the mindset of people at the time the poem is written and the time in which the story takes place?

Essay Topic 3

There are stories of both Clorinda's childhood and death.

Part 1) Describe these stories. What do these stories reveal about Clorinda?

Part 2) What do these stories reiterate?

Part 3)What symbols are used to define and reinforce this interpretation? How does her life connect with historical facts? Why?

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