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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Ismen prepares firebombs, what does Clorinda tell Aladine to take care of for her?
(a) Decorating her home.
(b) Her slaves and servants.
(c) Her dinner.
(d) Her trip to the Crusaders' camp.

2. Tancred, angry at himself for grieving so intensely and shirking his duty, does what?
(a) He goes into the forest and passes through the fire.
(b) He pleads to God.
(c) He tries to plant crops.
(d) He goes looking for Ismen.

3. Ismen goes into a nearby forest and does what?
(a) Talks to spirits.
(b) Cuts down the trees.
(c) Casts several magic spells.
(d) Hides.

4. Godfrey and most of the other Crusaders accept Renaldo's repentance, but Peter tells him he needs to do what?
(a) Pray further and perform a penance.
(b) Kill Armida.
(c) Perform the seven sacraments.
(d) Go to confession.

5. It is claimed that if Tancred chops down the trees, what will happen?
(a) The women he loves will leave him.
(b) His parents will be reborn.
(c) The dead warriors will attack him.
(d) They will suffer and die all over again.

6. What news does a group of Italian warriors bring to Godfrey?
(a) They found Renaldo being captured by the Muslims.
(b) They saw the Muslims headed towards the Christian camp.
(c) They found Renaldo's armor and dismembered body.
(d) The Muslims are running away from the Christians.

7. Prince Ubaldo and Guelpho are sent on their way with guidance from Peter, who advises them to seek out whom?
(a) The Muslims.
(b) Renaldo.
(c) Erminia.
(d) A fellow hermit.

8. Under cover of night, Clorinda and Argantes make their way across the battlefield and into the Crusaders' camp, where they throw what _________.
(a) Powerful spells.
(b) Large stones.
(c) Ismen's firebombs.
(d) Grenades.

9. As the men pass by all temptations, upon whom do they come?
(a) Clorinda and Armida.
(b) Renaldo.
(c) Armida.
(d) Armida and Renaldo.

10. When Soliman is led into Aladine's council chamber, what does he overhear?
(a) The argument between Argantes and Aladine.
(b) A plot by Aladine.
(c) A discussion between Argantesa and Aladine.
(d) A plea by Argantes.

11. Michael visits the pagans and warns them about what?
(a) The Crusaders are powerful.
(b) They should not trust the Crusaders.
(c) Their resistance is futile.
(d) They only have a small chance of victory.

12. In the Crusaders' camp, Godfrey is in the middle of doing what?
(a) Burying the dead from the last battle.
(b) Planning an attack.
(c) Praying to God.
(d) Speaking with his warriors.

13. What plan does Clorinda formulate?
(a) To go into the Crusaders' camp and kill the leaders.
(b) To go into the Crusaders' camp and seduce the men.
(c) To go into the Crusaders' camp and poison them all.
(d) To go into the Crusaders' camp and burn down their assault tower.

14. The following day, Godfrey and his armies attack what?
(a) A group of Muslims.
(b) Aladine's fortifications.
(c) Armida and her maidens.
(d) Clorinda and her warriors.

15. The following morning, what warns the Crusaders that battle is imminent?
(a) A dove with a message for Godfrey.
(b) A message from God.
(c) A giant cloud of dust raised by the advancing Egyptian army.
(d) An Egyptian messenger.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tancred tries to convince himself that what he is hearing is not real. Is he able to convince himself of this?

2. Peter, the wise hermit and seer, reveals what about the remnants of Renaldo's body and armor found earlier?

3. The Angel Michael appears to Godfrey, telling him the angels are fighting on the side of the Crusaders and what else?

4. What does Godfrey do as the rest of the camp sleeps?

5. That night, as the other members of the pagan army are tending to their wounds and resting, how does Clorinda feel?

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