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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Peter, the wise hermit and seer, reveals what about the remnants of Renaldo's body and armor found earlier?
(a) They are missing.
(b) They were crafted by women's deceit.
(c) They did belong to him.
(d) They were crafted by the Muslims.

2. The Angel Michael appears to Godfrey, telling him the angels are fighting on the side of the Crusaders and what else?
(a) Victory will be difficult.
(b) Victory is not possible.
(c) Victory is possible.
(d) Victory is inevitable.

3. For several days, what outside of Jerusalem is intense?
(a) The cold.
(b) The heat.
(c) The water.
(d) The fog.

4. Using a mystical shield as a kind of mirror of history, what does the Hermit show Renaldo?
(a) Armida.
(b) Godfrey.
(c) His warriors.
(d) All his mighty ancestors.

5. What does Tancred encounter?
(a) The spirits of dead warriors.
(b) The spirit of both of his loves.
(c) The spirits of his parents.
(d) Trees that speak to him and claim to be the imprisoned spirits of those Christians killed in battle.

6. When are the Crusaders repeatedly turned back by the apparent presence of evil spirits?
(a) They try to catch Ismen.
(b) They try to plant crops.
(c) They try to talk to God.
(d) They try to use the trees to build a new siege tower.

7. Argillan is released from prison, and fights viciously in support of whom?
(a) His God.
(b) His family.
(c) The Muslims.
(d) The Crusaders.

8. The following morning, the storm passes, and "the pagans" do what?
(a) Convert to Christianity.
(b) Send an evil spirit into the Crusaders' camp to spread discontent.
(c) Run away in fright.
(d) Attack the Crusaders' camp.

9. The poet gives a brief history of what empire?
(a) The British empire.
(b) The Egyptian empire.
(c) The Roman empire.
(d) The Persian empire.

10. Godfrey orders that his entire army do what before the next assault on Jerusalem?
(a) Practice with each other.
(b) Stretch.
(c) Go for a run.
(d) Attend a worship service.

11. Prince Ubaldo and Guelpho are sent on their way with guidance from Peter, who advises them to seek out whom?
(a) Renaldo.
(b) The Muslims.
(c) A fellow hermit.
(d) Erminia.

12. God hears his prayer and sends what?
(a) Fire.
(b) Snow.
(c) Sun.
(d) Rain.

13. Ismen goes into a nearby forest and does what?
(a) Hides.
(b) Talks to spirits.
(c) Cuts down the trees.
(d) Casts several magic spells.

14. The morning of the attack, Raymond visits Godfrey and discovers Godfrey is wearing what?
(a) His heavy armor.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Only light armor.
(d) A long robe.

15. What had happened to Tancred and a group of the warriors who followed Armida?
(a) They had been rejected and sent home.
(b) They had been converted to Islam.
(c) They had been transformed into animals.
(d) They had been massacred.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Clorinda kill several attackers?

2. What happens when one Crusader manages to get through?

3. Tancred, angry at himself for grieving so intensely and shirking his duty, does what?

4. Guelpho and Ubaldo go into the heart of the castle where they discover what?

5. What is Ismen trying to prevent?

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