Jerusalem Delivered Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is this story about?

The poet introduces his story, the freeing of Jerusalem by Christians. He invokes the help of the poetic muses, and briefly relates the history of Christian crusades against the "tyrants" (interpreted to be Muslims).

2. How does the story begin?

The author begins his story by saying God looked down at several Christian heroes and sent the Angel Gabriel to the most holy, a man named Godfrey. Gabriel tells him the time has come for him to gather the Christian lords of Europe and free Jerusalem. Godfrey sends messengers to his allies, who gather and agree to join him.

3. What is said after the poem describes Godfrey's election as the army's leader?

After the poem describes the election of Godfrey as the army's leader, the army of each ally is described at detailed length, with particular attention being paid to Tancredi and Rinaldo. The combined armies raise Christian flags, then Godfrey makes a speech of inspiration, and the following day at sunrise the Crusaders depart.

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