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Objective: In Book 1, the story, the freeing of Jerusalem by the Christians, is introduced. This lesson will discuss the Crusades and the importance of Jerusalem.

1) Class Discussion: What takes place in this first book?

Small Group Activity: Research the Crusades. When did they begin? Why did they begin? Why and when did they end? How were both sides affected?

Class Discussion: Create a graphic organizer listing information about the Crusades collected from the Small Group Activity. What is the significance of Jerusalem for both Christians and Muslims? Why is it the subject of this epic?

Homework: Why did the Christians believe God was calling upon them to cleanse the world, specifically Jerusalem, of Muslim influence? Does this attitude exist among religious groups today? Explain.


Objective: In Book 1, Christians refer to Muslims in derogatory terms, and the Christian perspective of the time is that anyone who is...

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