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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Ophelia?
(a) Ona's daughter.
(b) Horwendil's sister.
(c) Feng's daughter.
(d) Corambus' daughter.

2. Gerutha feels that her feelings for Amleth are inadequate as a mother. What does she believe is the source of this?
(a) Gerutha believes it is because Horwedil is cold emotionally.
(b) Gerutha thinks it is because Amleth was a difficult child.
(c) Gerutha believes it is because she doesn´t love Horwendil.
(d) Gerutha does not know and is confused with her feelings.

3. Who is Magrit married to?
(a) Rorik.
(b) Feng.
(c) Corambus.
(d) Sandro.

4. Where do the names in Part 3 of the story come from?
(a) From John Updike's sources.
(b) From an old English reprint of the second edition.
(c) From the source used by Shakespeare, which was probably German in origin.
(d) From Shakespeare's previous drama, since the story is a sequel.

5. How does Horwendil respond to Gerutha's thorniness?
(a) He loves her more.
(b) He becomes frusterated and leaves her.
(c) He is amused.
(d) He becomes angry and violent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What words best describe Amleth as a baby and child?

2. Who is Gerutha´s handmaiden?

3. What is unfair about how Rorik treats Horwendil compared to how he treats Feng?

4. Who is Feng's Falconer?

5. Why does Feng leave Denmark?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Gerutha's physical appearance as a young woman when she is first introduced in the story.

2. Why does Horvendil think that Ophelia is a poor choice for a wife?

3. Describe your view of the history between King Rorik and Ona.

4. Describe Gerutha's prediction of Horwendil as a husband.

5. What does Gerutha see as different about her father when he gives her his blessing?

6. Describe how Gerutha, Horwendil, Amblet, and Feng's names change in parts 2 and 3 of the story.

7. Describe why Claudius is angry with Hamlet after King Hamlet's death.

8. What advise does Polonius say he gave to Ophelia? Why does he feel the advise is necessary?

9. How does King Rorik try to convince his daughter that she will come to love Horwendil?

10. Describe how Polonius was insulting to Gertrude in their conversation as they cross paths in the castle.

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