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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gerutha feels that her feelings for Amleth are inadequate as a mother. What does she believe is the source of this?
(a) Gerutha believes it is because Horwedil is cold emotionally.
(b) Gerutha thinks it is because Amleth was a difficult child.
(c) Gerutha does not know and is confused with her feelings.
(d) Gerutha believes it is because she doesn´t love Horwendil.

2. Which words best describe Feng?
(a) Forceful and brutish.
(b) Artistic and quiet.
(c) Attractive and entertaining.
(d) Melancholic and violent.

3. Which of the following is a name in Part 2?
(a) Geruthe.
(b) Polonius.
(c) Claudius.
(d) Hamlet.

4. What phrase best describes Feng's emotions after seeing Gerutha?
(a) Weak and sickened by love.
(b) Frusterated because he missed his chance with Gerutha.
(c) Joyful to have found love.
(d) Fornlorn and discouraged that Gerutha is married.

5. How does Horwendil respond to Gerutha's thorniness?
(a) He becomes angry and violent.
(b) He loves her more.
(c) He becomes frusterated and leaves her.
(d) He is amused.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the importance of displaying the bloody bed sheet?

2. What word best describes Feng´s feelings toward his bother Horwendil?

3. What does Corambus say about Amleth's moodiness?

4. What does Gerutha think about Horwendil?

5. What does the situation with the songbirds reveal about Horwendil's personality?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe King Rorik's view of love and marriage.

2. How does Horwendil and Gerutha's wedding night prove that Horwendil is not truly interested in Gerutha?

3. Describe Rorik's physical appearance as he is introduced in the story.

4. Describe your view of the history between King Rorik and Ona.

5. What does Gerutha find disturbing about falconry?

6. How does Gerutha think that Feng and herself are in similar situations?

7. In what ways does Gerutha find Feng more interesting and desirable than Horwendil?

8. How does King Rorik try to convince his daughter that she will come to love Horwendil?

9. What is similar between Bathsheba, the falcon whose eyes are sealed, and the characters of Gerutha and Feng?

10. Describe Gerutha on her wedding night.

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