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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Geruthe is now forty-seven years old. When was the last time Geruthe and Fengon have seen each other?
(a) Twelve years ago.
(b) Last week.
(c) Last night.
(d) One year ago.

2. What does Geruthe do immediately after she is kissed by Fengon in the royal palace?
(a) She kisses Fengon again.
(b) She pulls away from Fengon.
(c) She laughs with happiness.
(d) She tells Fengon that she loves him.

3. Where does Geruthe pass her time waiting in the lakeside lodge?
(a) In the bedroom of the tower.
(b) Outside on the lake.
(c) At the window looking for signs of travelers.
(d) In the kitchen cooking in preparation.

4. What does Geruthe admit to doing with the falcon?
(a) Geruthe admits that she accidentally let it fly away.
(b) Geruthe admits that she sold it for money.
(c) Geruthe admits that she set it free.
(d) Geruthe admits that she let it die.

5. What does Geruthe think of Fengon's idea of love?
(a) She thinks it is sweet.
(b) She thinks it is ridiculous.
(c) She thinks it is unattenable.
(d) She thinks it is perfect.

6. Why does Geruthe want to get rid of Corambis?
(a) Because the secret they share is starting to make Geruthe uncomfortable.
(b) Because he owes the court a sum of money.
(c) Because he is going to tell the king Geruthe's secret.
(d) Because he is conspiring against Fengon.

7. Why does Geruthe respond the way she does to Fengon's kiss?
(a) She is scared that Fengon will not love her back.
(b) She is not attracted to Fengon.
(c) She is worried about the sin she is committing.
(d) She wants more from Fengon.

8. What does Gertrude think she should have done immediately after King Hamlet's death?
(a) Killed Claudius.
(b) Asserted her son's right to the throne.
(c) Ran away from Denmark.
(d) Killed Polonius.

9. What doesn't Horvendil like about his son's chosen area of study?
(a) That it will make him a weak king.
(b) That it will make him a poor husband.
(c) That it is not congruent with the beliefs of the church.
(d) That it is not useful.

10. Why does Fengon come to see Geruthe at the lodge?
(a) He intends to murder Geruthe.
(b) He intends to break the romance with Geruthe.
(c) He wants to persue his romance with Geruthe.
(d) He wants to conspire to take the throne.

11. How does Gertrude feel about King Hamlet's death?
(a) Mournful.
(b) Frightened.
(c) Relieved.
(d) Happy.

12. What is Gertrude's personal regret about her marriage and King Hamlet's death?
(a) That her husband didn't want more children.
(b) That her husband never loved her.
(c) That her husband didn't confide in her.
(d) That her husband never saw her as the person she really was.

13. What is the sin that Fengon believes Geruthe and himself have committed in their affair?
(a) That they have been unloyal.
(b) Breaking the laws of love and nature.
(c) Breaking Geruthe's marriage vows.
(d) That they have been dishonest.

14. What has Fengon made a vow of renunciation for?
(a) He had renounced the sight, sound, and scent of Geruthe.
(b) He had renounced his loyality to his brother.
(c) He had renounced his country.
(d) He had renounced his love for Geruthe.

15. What word does Fengon use to describe love?
(a) Thorny.
(b) Earthy.
(c) Stony.
(d) Ethereal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Corambis tell Fengon the king's afternoon plans?

2. What story does Fengon tell Geruthe in their first secret meeting?

3. What does Horvendil intend to do with Fengon?

4. Why is Ophelia summoned to see Gertrude?

5. How long has the affair between Geruthe and Fengon taken place when the king finally finds out?

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