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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gertrude's personal regret about her marriage and King Hamlet's death?
(a) That her husband never loved her.
(b) That her husband never saw her as the person she really was.
(c) That her husband didn't want more children.
(d) That her husband didn't confide in her.

2. Why does Corambis tell Fengon the king's afternoon plans?
(a) So that Fengon can help Corambis escape the castle.
(b) So that Fengon can plan a good time to kill Horvendil.
(c) So that Fengon can meet with Geruthe one last time.
(d) So that Fengon can plan a chance to talk again with Horvendil.

3. What does Horvendil think of Geruthe's actions in the affair?
(a) He believes that she planned it all herself and should be punished accordingly.
(b) He believes that she was an evil woman all along.
(c) He believes she should be severely punished.
(d) He believes she was lead into sin by Fengon.

4. Why is Claudius angry with the young Hamlet after King Hamlet dies?
(a) Because Hamlet thinks he should be king.
(b) Because Hamlet will not return to Denmark.
(c) Because Hamlet was late and left quickly from his father's funeral.
(d) Because Hamlet will not come to see Gertrude.

5. How does Horvendil describe Fengon in the audience chamber?
(a) Strong and independent.
(b) Stupid and slow.
(c) Sulky and inferior.
(d) Dark and murderous.

6. What is Geruthe's first response to hearing Fengon describe his vow?
(a) She tries to make jest of it.
(b) She tells Fengon that she could never love him.
(c) She leaves the room for air.
(d) She tells Fengon of her love for him.

7. Why does Geruthe want to get rid of Corambis?
(a) Because he owes the court a sum of money.
(b) Because he is conspiring against Fengon.
(c) Because the secret they share is starting to make Geruthe uncomfortable.
(d) Because he is going to tell the king Geruthe's secret.

8. How long has King Hamlet been dead when Claudius is made king?
(a) Two months.
(b) Two years.
(c) Two days.
(d) Two weeks.

9. How long has the affair between Geruthe and Fengon taken place when the king finally finds out?
(a) Some months.
(b) A few days.
(c) Some years.
(d) A week.

10. In Horvendil's words, what is the cause of people suffering?
(a) People forced into bad situations.
(b) People making bad decisions.
(c) Disrupting the flow of goodness from God to king to the people.
(d) People made victim of a bad king.

11. After Fengon returns from Lokisheim, where does he immediately go to in the castle?
(a) To plead with Horvendil.
(b) The orchard.
(c) To see Geruthe.
(d) The audience chamber.

12. Why does Corambis agree to giving Geruthe what she asks for?
(a) Because Corambis is in love with Geruthe.
(b) Because he is aways loyal to the king.
(c) Because Geruthe asked so nicely.
(d) Because he remembers the girl she was before she married Horvendil.

13. What does Geruthe admit to doing with the falcon?
(a) Geruthe admits that she set it free.
(b) Geruthe admits that she sold it for money.
(c) Geruthe admits that she let it die.
(d) Geruthe admits that she accidentally let it fly away.

14. Why does Horvendil disapprove of Geruthe┬┤s suggestion for their son's future wife?
(a) Horvendil thinks she is dramatic and unstable.
(b) Horvendil thinks she is selfish and vain.
(c) Horvendil thinks she is shy and dull.
(d) Horvendil thinks she is too outspoken.

15. Why does Geruthe summon Corambis on a day that the king is out?
(a) Because she is afraid Corambis will not see her if the king is near.
(b) Because she is afraid that the king would be curious about their conversation.
(c) Because she thinks Corambis would tell the king if he were in the castle.
(d) Because she thinks that the king would interfer in their conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Geruthe ask of Corambis?

2. Why does Geruthe think that Corambus's daughter is a good match for Hamblet?

3. What does Gertrude think she should have done immediately after King Hamlet's death?

4. What name has Corambis taken upon Fengon's coronation?

5. What does Geruthe want from Fengon?

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