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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Fengon come to see Geruthe at the lodge?
(a) He wants to persue his romance with Geruthe.
(b) He wants to conspire to take the throne.
(c) He intends to break the romance with Geruthe.
(d) He intends to murder Geruthe.

2. Why is Claudius angry with the young Hamlet after King Hamlet dies?
(a) Because Hamlet will not return to Denmark.
(b) Because Hamlet was late and left quickly from his father's funeral.
(c) Because Hamlet will not come to see Gertrude.
(d) Because Hamlet thinks he should be king.

3. Why does Corambis tell Fengon the king's afternoon plans?
(a) So that Fengon can help Corambis escape the castle.
(b) So that Fengon can plan a chance to talk again with Horvendil.
(c) So that Fengon can meet with Geruthe one last time.
(d) So that Fengon can plan a good time to kill Horvendil.

4. What does Horvendil intend to do with Corambis?
(a) Promote him in court.
(b) Execute him.
(c) Send him into exile.
(d) Torture him.

5. What name has Corambis taken upon Fengon's coronation?
(a) Corambous.
(b) Hamlet.
(c) Claudius.
(d) Polonius.

6. How does Geruthe describe her idea of love?
(a) Natural.
(b) Earthy.
(c) Flowery.
(d) Skyey.

7. What does Fengon do that starts his meeting with Geruthe badly?
(a) He falls on the steps and injures his knee.
(b) He enters the lodge in a very rough and awkward manner.
(c) He gives Geruthe a rose.
(d) He tells Geruthe that she could look better.

8. Geruthe is now forty-seven years old. When was the last time Geruthe and Fengon have seen each other?
(a) Last week.
(b) One year ago.
(c) Twelve years ago.
(d) Last night.

9. How is Horvendil killed?
(a) By strangulation.
(b) By a great dual.
(c) By a slit throat.
(d) By poison.

10. Where does Geruthe pass her time waiting in the lakeside lodge?
(a) At the window looking for signs of travelers.
(b) In the bedroom of the tower.
(c) Outside on the lake.
(d) In the kitchen cooking in preparation.

11. Why does Geruthe respond the way she does to Fengon's kiss?
(a) She wants more from Fengon.
(b) She is not attracted to Fengon.
(c) She is worried about the sin she is committing.
(d) She is scared that Fengon will not love her back.

12. What is Gertrude's personal regret about her marriage and King Hamlet's death?
(a) That her husband didn't want more children.
(b) That her husband never loved her.
(c) That her husband didn't confide in her.
(d) That her husband never saw her as the person she really was.

13. How does Horvendil describe Geruthe's attention in the past months?
(a) Overripe.
(b) Sweet.
(c) Foul.
(d) Ignorant.

14. Why does Fengon race to Lokisheim and then return to Elsinore?
(a) He needs to retrieve a poison to kill the king.
(b) He must tell his servents to hide his posessions.
(c) He must retrieve weapons.
(d) He must hide evidence from the king.

15. Why does Geruthe summon Corambis on a day that the king is out?
(a) Because she thinks Corambis would tell the king if he were in the castle.
(b) Because she is afraid that the king would be curious about their conversation.
(c) Because she thinks that the king would interfer in their conversation.
(d) Because she is afraid Corambis will not see her if the king is near.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Fengon and Corambis speculate about how the king died?

2. What does Geruthe think of Fengon's idea of love?

3. What word best describes how Geruthe feels when she is with Fengon?

4. How old is Ophelia when she is summoned to Gertrude's chambers?

5. When do Gertrude and Claudius marry?

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