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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What language inspires Fengon's choice of name?
(a) Latin.
(b) Iberian.
(c) Roman.
(d) Greek.

2. What doesn't Horvendil like about his son's chosen area of study?
(a) That it will make him a poor husband.
(b) That it will make him a weak king.
(c) That it is not useful.
(d) That it is not congruent with the beliefs of the church.

3. How long has the affair between Geruthe and Fengon taken place when the king finally finds out?
(a) Some months.
(b) Some years.
(c) A few days.
(d) A week.

4. What story does Fengon tell Geruthe in their first secret meeting?
(a) He tells her a story about Byzantium.
(b) He tells her a story about his mother.
(c) he tells her a story about his brother Horvendil.
(d) He tells her a story about love and war.

5. Why does Corambis agree to giving Geruthe what she asks for?
(a) Because he is aways loyal to the king.
(b) Because Geruthe asked so nicely.
(c) Because Corambis is in love with Geruthe.
(d) Because he remembers the girl she was before she married Horvendil.

6. How does Fengon enter the lodge to meet Geruthe?
(a) Through the kitchen door.
(b) Through the window of the bedchamber.
(c) At the front door.
(d) Through the roof on accident.

7. How long has King Hamlet been dead when Claudius is made king?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two days.
(c) Two years.
(d) Two months.

8. What is the first present that Fengon gives Geruthe when they meet for the second time?
(a) A beautiful doll.
(b) A silk scarf.
(c) A cloisonny pendant.
(d) A new horse.

9. Who does Geruthe suggest as a good wife for Hamblet?
(a) Fengon's daughter.
(b) Ophelia.
(c) A daughter of a royal cousin.
(d) A foreign princess.

10. What does Claudius want Hamlet to do?
(a) Be kind to his mother.
(b) Study at Wittenberg.
(c) Stay at Elsinore.
(d) Leave Denmark.

11. Why does Fengon race to Lokisheim and then return to Elsinore?
(a) He must hide evidence from the king.
(b) He needs to retrieve a poison to kill the king.
(c) He must retrieve weapons.
(d) He must tell his servents to hide his posessions.

12. Why does Geruthe think that Corambus's daughter is a good match for Hamblet?
(a) She is strong and outspoken.
(b) She is sporty and fun.
(c) She is delicate and shy.
(d) She is witty and interesting.

13. What does Gertrude think she should have done immediately after King Hamlet's death?
(a) Killed Claudius.
(b) Killed Polonius.
(c) Asserted her son's right to the throne.
(d) Ran away from Denmark.

14. What is Geruthe's first response to hearing Fengon describe his vow?
(a) She tells Fengon that she could never love him.
(b) She tries to make jest of it.
(c) She tells Fengon of her love for him.
(d) She leaves the room for air.

15. Where does Geruthe pass her time waiting in the lakeside lodge?
(a) Outside on the lake.
(b) In the kitchen cooking in preparation.
(c) At the window looking for signs of travelers.
(d) In the bedroom of the tower.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Horvendil's words, what is the cause of people suffering?

2. How is Horvendil killed?

3. What is Horvendil's primary concern about his brother Fengon?

4. What did Geruthe realize about the falcon once it was too late?

5. What does Fengon do that starts his meeting with Geruthe badly?

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