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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Geruthe suggest to Fengon as a solution to their affections for each other?
(a) She suggests they meet outside of the castle.
(b) She suggests that Fengon should leave Denmark.
(c) She suggests that they never speak of this again.
(d) She suggests that they speak to Horvendil.

2. How long has the affair between Geruthe and Fengon taken place when the king finally finds out?
(a) Some years.
(b) A few days.
(c) A week.
(d) Some months.

3. When do Gertrude and Claudius marry?
(a) One month after King Hamlet's death.
(b) Five weeks after King Hamlet's death.
(c) Five days after King Hamlet's death.
(d) One year after King Hamlet's death.

4. What is the sin that Fengon believes Geruthe and himself have committed in their affair?
(a) That they have been unloyal.
(b) Breaking the laws of love and nature.
(c) Breaking Geruthe's marriage vows.
(d) That they have been dishonest.

5. What does Gertrude think she should have done immediately after King Hamlet's death?
(a) Killed Polonius.
(b) Killed Claudius.
(c) Asserted her son's right to the throne.
(d) Ran away from Denmark.

6. Why does Geruthe want to get rid of Corambis?
(a) Because he is conspiring against Fengon.
(b) Because the secret they share is starting to make Geruthe uncomfortable.
(c) Because he is going to tell the king Geruthe's secret.
(d) Because he owes the court a sum of money.

7. How does Fengon enter the lodge to meet Geruthe?
(a) Through the roof on accident.
(b) Through the window of the bedchamber.
(c) Through the kitchen door.
(d) At the front door.

8. Who has betrayed Fengon to the king?
(a) Sandro.
(b) Ophelia.
(c) Hamblet.
(d) Corambis.

9. What does Horvendil think of Geruthe's actions in the affair?
(a) He believes she was lead into sin by Fengon.
(b) He believes that she planned it all herself and should be punished accordingly.
(c) He believes that she was an evil woman all along.
(d) He believes she should be severely punished.

10. What has Fengon made a vow of renunciation for?
(a) He had renounced his country.
(b) He had renounced his loyality to his brother.
(c) He had renounced his love for Geruthe.
(d) He had renounced the sight, sound, and scent of Geruthe.

11. What word does Fengon use to describe love?
(a) Thorny.
(b) Ethereal.
(c) Stony.
(d) Earthy.

12. What does Geruthe want from Fengon?
(a) She wants tangible things including presents.
(b) She wants him to leave Denmark.
(c) She wants his fame and fortune.
(d) She wants his undying love.

13. What is Horvendil thinking of doing with Corambus?
(a) Promote him and his family.
(b) Retire him, so he is far from the throne.
(c) Run him out of the country.
(d) Kill him.

14. How does Ophelia describe Hamlet's disposition to women?
(a) Hamlet despises women in general.
(b) Hamlet trusts women too much.
(c) Hamlet warms to the idea of love very slowly.
(d) Hamlet loves all women.

15. When Fengon is summoned to the audience chamber, what topic does the king first speak of?
(a) The future of the throne.
(b) His affair with Geruthe.
(c) The weather.
(d) Domestic affairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Claudius want Hamlet to do?

2. How is Horvendil killed?

3. How does Gertrude feel about King Hamlet's death?

4. What is Geruthe's intention with Fengon the third time she meets with him?

5. What does Geruthe ask of Corambis?

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